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  • Hi, i have been trying to find a way to stop spammers today across the various apps.

    I can disable bbcode url but it only works for new posts, not gallery comments, blog comments etc.

    I can censor words but again it only works in the forum app.

    I can force all content to be moderated per usergroup, but yet again I cannot do this for blog and gallery coments, wall posts etc.

    Seems a rather large oversight to not offer some way to fully moderate all content accross all your apps.

    I expected because of all i read about the framework for there to be more synegee between apps, but it seems there are many discrepancies and moderation is one big one.

    Why have gallery, blog, profiles etc been overlooked?

    How am I supposed to stop spammers from posting porn, bad language, backlinks etc on gallery comments, wall posts and blog content exactly?

  • I also asked support about this. Seems no one wants to address the issue...

    Right now there is no way to moderate gallery images, gallery comments, blog comments and wall posts. If you allow them then all content is live without any kind of review process. Forums have moderation feature... why not everything else?

    How am I supposed to stop spammers from posting porn, bad language, backlinks etc on gallery comments, wall posts and blog content exactly?

  • I agree that there needs to be better moderation, all it takes is for a spammer to post a comment on an inactive users wall, or blog which is likely to go unnoticed. But even then I don't want to have to rely on a user telling me they were spammed on their wall.

    On vb4 I used to get spam all the time in visitor messages which is the same as wall comments forcing me to disable it for new registrations and use promotions to enable it for genuine users. But even then, at least I could choose in the left menu to view all new visitor messages etc (at one stage maybe 3.8 I could also view edits through this menu). I would at least like this function on burning board. Moderation on their blog however was another story, even if you chose to have blog posts moderated you would not receive any form of notification that there was a blog post waiting to be approved. I havnt used BB blog so can't compare.

  • Exactly... very well said. Currently it is far to easy for spammers to hide spam on dormant content areas. Ideally there needs to be a setting to moderate all content before a user is promoted after x days or x actions. Restricting some areas for new users is counter productive based on say.. forum post count. Some new members dont want to post on a forum in order to get promoted and later make gallery comments etc.

    These are the options I see fit for a better software: Either all or at least some needed...

    Moderate all content from this usergroup.
    Moderate xyy content from this usergroup
    Moderate all content with links from this usergroup
    Moderate xyz content with links from this usergroup

    These settings must include things like blog, gallery, file, wall comments. But also file, gallery uploads, avatar changes. There are some creative spammers out there.

    I would also stress the censorship option in Woltlab also needs to include the comment system. Currently you can swear in comments, spam about viagra etc and it will not be detected.

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