Moderation Helper (related to post reporting)

  • Hi There :)

    I'm looking for a programmer who would be interested in creating plugin which would help moderators to deal with posts reports.

    Now if post is reported by any user - when moderator is viewing thread - reported post is not distinguished in any way. Also moderator cannot do anything with report straight from thread view. He need to go to moderation control panel.

    The problem arises when there are many reports in one thread. When moderator is resolving first report - he cannot see further reports, he can resolve them only one by one, which is slowing down his work.

    Plugin idea:

    If some post in thread view is reported and if user got Administrator or Moderator rights - show eg. exclamation mark or some other icon which would show to administrator or moderator that post is reported.

    This mark/icon could be here:

    (bottom bar with buttons is not good place, because it is hidden and it is showed on mouse over post)

    Eventually additionally post content background could be coloured in light red (easier to see), still for administrators and moderators only.

    After mouse click on this icon/exclamation mark plugin woukd show menu with options:
    - Edit Post (this would start inline edit just like Edit button)
    - Delete Report (this would Delete Report - which mark report as done, AJAX needed here - without reloading website, after this action icon should change to something that indicates that report is done)
    - Go to Report (switch to Moderation Panel to selected report).

    If somedoby know IPB 3.4 - this is generally idea like there :whistling:
    Added screenshots from IPB to show how this function is working there ;)

    If some experienced programmer would be interested - please contact me with Your offer

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