Features and Improvements in WoltLab Suite 3

  • WoltLab Suite 3 enters the release candidate phase next and we will no longer add features, but instead focus on stability only. This allows us to finally deliver you the definite list of improvements and new features that ship with the upcoming WoltLab Suite 3.

    Create and manage your own pages, boxes, and menus:

    Media Manager
    Upload images and documents to a shared manager available to administrators for use with CMS pages, boxes and even in other locations such as forum posts.

    Article System
    Use articles to create a side-wide blog, back your news page or write helpful articles that benefit your users and visitors alike. See WoltLab Suite Core 3.0: Articles to learn more.

    Ignore Users
    Hide and mask content by users you don't like.

    HTML Emails
    Your site looks awesome and so should your emails, well-structured and matching your site's appearance.

    Transparent Moderation
    Users can see their warnings in their user profile, Moderators can see active suspensions.

    Asynchronous Email Queue
    Improved bulk email sending and faster load times by sending emails using a separate queue.

    The 'Never' Permissions
    The newly added "Newer" permission allows for special user groups that will deny a permission, regardless of what is set to literally any other user group. Useful for groups with reduced permissions, e.g. for use with penalties.

    Notifications for Comments in the Moderation Panel
    Added notifications will keep your moderators aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

    Image Proxy / SSL Proxy for Images
    Caches images from 3rd party sites to improve load times and prevent mixed-content warning caused by non-secure pages.

    Comments on Group Applications
    Group leaders can now easily discuss outstanding applications.

    Package Update Auth-Code
    Better license management for purchases made on woltlab.com, greatly improving the automatic update.

    Redactor II: New Rich Text Editor
    Build from the ground up, Redactor II provides a clean design, limitless flexibility, and an amazing user experience. Excellent support for your PC, tablet and smartphone.

    Awesome New Mobile Design
    The possibly most user-friendly mobile design seen in forums provides an unparalleled experience and improved user engagement.

    Responsive Admin Panel
    Manage your entire site from your smartphone or tablet with ease.

    Emoji Support
    Full support for emojis in all sorts of messages, the visual representation may vary depending on the user's browser and OS.

    Retina/4K Smilies
    Regular smilies now support additional Retina/4K variants that will be automatically used on supported displays.

    Retina/4K Avatars
    Avatars will now be displayed as best as possible on Retina/4K displays in all places.

    Retina/4K Page Logos
    Add an optional high-resolution variant of your logo for display on Retina/4K displays.

    Who Was Online
    Add a custom box to keep track of the users that have visited your site today.

    Grouped Footer Links
    Use single-row links or organize your links in categories displayed nicely next to each other.

    Improved Quick Style Chooser
    Easily try out different styles and have your favorite one used whenever you visit again.

    Login/Logout Instantaneously
    The delayed redirect has been removed, smoothening the interaction with your page even more.

    Paste Images from Clipboard
    On top of drag & drop, you can now paste images from your clipboard into the editor and they'll be automatically uploaded as an attachment and inserted into the message.

    Quickly Approve/Disable Users
    Administrators can quickly approve or disable a user right from their user profile.

    Efficient Template Comparison
    Comparing your customized templates with the reference template is now a lot easier and efficient.

    Visual Recognition of Moderation Items
    The moderation dropdown now indicates the type of an item, improving the overall workflow.

    Embedded Tables on Mobile Devices
    Tables in messages and posts can now be scrolled horizontally if there is no enough space.

    Better Indication of Conversation Participants
    The conversation dropdown will now show the other participants at all times.

    Sort Profile Values in Message Sidebar
    Re-arrange profile values using drag & drop to have them appear in any order you want.

    More Notifications
    The number of notifications in the drop-down have been doubled to make it easier to track what is happening.

    Improved Confirmation Messages
    Customizable emphasis on the object that is being worked with to prevent mistakes and speed up recognition.

    Enhanced Login Overlay
    Separate registration notice with a customizable introduction text and more appealing buttons to register with 3rd party sites, e.g. Facebook and Google Plus.

    Disable Update Notice for Administrators
    The frontend notice that is displayed for administrators whenever there is a new update can now be disabled, the admin panel will still list the updates.

    Profile Fields: During Registration Only
    User profile fields can now be set to be editable by the user during the registration only, preventing any attempts to change it at a later stage.

    Disable Other Languages
    Sites running with multiple interface languages can now opt-in to temporarily disable them.

    Tables with Headers
    Add headers to your tables in posts to improve the structure and readability.

    RSS Feed for Notifications
    Subscribe to your personal RSS feed to keep up with anything new.

    Search for Disabled Phrases
    Quickly filter the list of language variables for custom versions that have been disabled.

    Easily Sort Labels
    Arrange labels to fit a logical order, making it easier for users to quickly select the right label.

    Pagination Support for Users Online
    The 'users online' list can become quite large on active forums, splitting it up across multiple pages make your job easier.

    Filter Conversations By Sender
    Searching for conversations has become a lot easier by restricting results to those started by a certain user.

    Improved Uninstallation Process for Plugins
    An optional component can be invoked during uninstallation of plugins, allowing for better and customizable clean-up procedures.

    Increased Nesting Support for Page Menu
    Organize your menu items using additional levels of nesting.

    Better Support for Embedded Videos on Mobile Devices
    Embedded videos are now scaled with respect to the aspect ratio and show better teaser images.

    Enhanced User Tagging
    Mentioning users in messages has become a lot easier and faster, with recognition of very long usernames.

    Simplified Activation by Email
    A new configurable link will take care of the activation process with just one click.

    Improved Poll Creation
    The extended validation will notify users if they have forgotten to fill in the question field but have entered options.

    Personalized Notices
    Use the placeholders {$username} and {$email} to address your users directly.

    Extended Statistics
    The statistics box now features a figure to track the most users online of all time.

    Cookie Authentication for Admin Panel
    Secure cookies make it easier to resume your work and prevent accidentally giving away sensitive data.

    New Style Editor with Live Preview
    Adjust the color palette of your style with a live preview of your changes using a simplified version of your page.

    Added Update Support for Styles
    The new safe mode allows user modifications to styles while allowing for updates by the author to fix issues and improve visuals.

    Support for YouTube Playlists
    Embed YouTube playlists in your messages by simply pasting the link to the playlist.

    Better User Tracking
    Locations are now tracked much more accurately, including support for customized locations and page names.

    Enhanced Language Import
    Automatically inherit missing phrases from any other installed language at your discretion.

    Rebuild Poll Data
    Synchronizes data for poll votes and participants.

    Improved Admin Panel Search
    Search across all items or limit your search to specific categories, e.g. users or options, now with support for option category names.

    Subscribe to Forums
    Add forums to your watch list and receive notifications for new threads.

    Search in Threads
    Limit the search to posts in the thread you are currently viewing.

    Moderation Support for User Post List
    The search for posts created by a user now features full moderator options.

    Overhauled Quick Reply
    Replying to threads has become a lot easier and has all features including but not limited to message preview and poll creation.

    Rebuild Similar Threads
    Regenerate the list of similar threads with a single mouse click.

    Better Thread Subscriptions
    Consistently access the subscription from both inside and outside of a thread.

    Flag for Reported Posts
    Post lists will now show an additional indicator for moderators to mark reported posts.

    Review IP Logs
    The IP logs have been updated with a new layout and include additional data from the registration.

    Access to Post History
    Post authors can now access the history of their own posts, restoring is still limited to moderators.

    Dynamic Unread Posts List
    The according sub menu item is now hidden from view if there are no unread posts, without having an impact on page load times.

    More Detailed Email Notification
    Overriding the default subject, email notifications for replies now show the thread subject instead.

    Resolved Threads
    Marking threads as resolved can now be done by double-clicking on the corresponding icon at all times.

    Extended Modification Logs
    The log will now list more actions than before: pinning, changing the thread title, merging and announcement status for threads, as well as merging and moving of posts.

    Delayed Publication
    Threads and posts queued for delay publication will now receive a different label within the moderation panel. Threads receive an additional icon in the thread lists.

    Process Threads by Label
    Bulk processing now supports labels as an additional criterion to filter by.

    Deleted Posts and Threads
    The moderation panel has been updated to improve the visuals for deleted posts and threads.

    Sort Order of Deleted Posts
    Deleted posts in the moderation panel will now be listed in reverse chronological order, making the latest ones show up on top.

    Thread List Sorting
    Changing the sort field will now automatically assume a descending order, matching the default behavior more closely.

    Post Version Numbers
    The version numbers shown in a post's history now use a more reliant and predictable calculation.

    Notices in Quick Reply
    Additional notices displayed on top of the quick reply provide more visual feedback on the thread status, such as when replying to closed or really old threads.

    Dynamic RSS Feed for Threads
    The author and message text for threads are now taken from the last post instead of the first post.

    Post Attachments in Moderation Panel
    Reported or disabled posts now also display their attachments in the moderation panel.

    Custom Forum Boxes
    Multiple new box types were added that can be used to show more aggregated data with individual customization options.

    Blog Removal by Moderators
    The permissions have been extended to grant moderators the ability to delete empty blogs from other users.

    In-Editor Drafts for Articles
    The editor will periodically save the article contents and offer to restore it in case the browser was accidentally closed or crashed.

    Unread Blog Articles
    The blog menu has been improved to dynamically show or hide the list of unread articles without a performance loss.

    Increased Limit for Descriptions
    The restrictions have been lifted to allow for more detailed descriptions exceeding 255 characters.

    Publication Date of Drafts
    The creation date for articles will be set to the publication date when working with drafts.

    Custom Blog Boxes
    Additional box types have been added to customize the displayed and aggregated data, easily focusing on what is important for your community.

    Participation Management for Moderators
    Moderators and administrators can now be granted the permission to add arbitrary users to events.

    Colorized Categories
    Events will automatically be colorized using the value set for categories, unifying the appearance for easier recognition.

    Detect Calendar Links
    Posting links to calendar events into the editor will cause them to be transformed into an event bbcode that outputs relevant event data.

    Simplified Event Creation
    Authors may now opt-in to omit the description, useful for events whose title is self-explanatory.

    Implicit Closing Date for Participation
    Omitting an explicit closing date will now default to the start date of an event, rather than its end.

    Extended Upcoming Events List
    The list now includes events that take place up to two years in the future.

    Highlighting for Sidebar Calendar
    The condensed calendars used in the sidebar will now highlight days that have events taking place.

    Custom Calendar Boxes
    Multiple new box types were added that can be used to show more aggregated data with individual customization options.

    EXIF Data Recognition
    Photos use EXIF to carry important metadata on the camera, the displayed data now includes the flash value.

    Search by Camera
    Easily find photos taken with the same camera using a new filter option.

    Detect Album Links
    Links to albums pasted into the editor will be automatically replaced with an album preview.

    New Gallery Boxes
    Present albums and images in new formats backed by corresponding configuration options.

    File Version Management for Moderators
    Moderators and administrators can now add new versions to files that belong to other users.

    Attachments for File Versions
    Users can now upload attachments to both files and file versions alike.

    Likes for File Versions
    Added individual rating support for each version of a file.

    Custom Filebase Boxes
    New types have been added including a box for file comments, complemented by many new configuration options.

    Updates for Support Threads
    Automatically adds new posts to the support threads once a new version of a file has been released.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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