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    I know 4.0 is not even done yet, but I always look ahead. And by ahead, I mean not just tomorrow, but next year.

    I like what WoltLab has done with Burning Board 4, but with respects your editor is your bottleneck when it comes to speed.
    This from someone who use to be a hardcore CKeditor fan.

    Although I do like a lot of many directions you seem to be taking the development, the site is a little sluggish in some aspects. I'm confident that you'll work that out in time. Our community will continue to follow your development though.

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  • I also use another forum software product and they just recently switched to a custom coded version of Redactor and while some people have loved the change some have not. To me Redactor is a lot better than TinyMCE and CKEditor. Maybe something for Woltlab to look into.

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