Suggeston: Make "Choose Forum" menu selection Remain at last edited position

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    CURRENTLY in Woltlab 4.1.x:

    In the ACP >Community >Forums >List Forums >Edit Button > Edit Forum;
    and then looking to the Top Right of this page is a list of Buttons: Choose Forum - Copy Forum - List Forums.

    When clicking on the "Choose Forum" button, then clicking on the Forum in this drop down list which the Admin wants to EDIT,
    it would be much better to have this choice / feature so that the List of Forums will REMAIN at the position which the Admin LAST made changes to a specific Forum.
    [Until of course the Admin once again selects another Forum on the list to Edit]

    Currently on 4.1.x: The LAST selected forum change that was made remains HIGHLIGHTED in the forum list - a good feature!
    HOWEVER, the constant need for going back to the "Choose Forum" button, clicking on it, and then having to SCROLL DOWN to the position of forums
    the Admin would be currently Editing - regarding the NEXT Forum Title on the list - is rather annoying AND time consuming!

    So when Woltlab 4.2.x arrives, could the above suggestion be included?


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