WoltLab Cloud VieCode Shop 8.0.11

The ultimate Shop-System for your WoltLab Suite

You want to sell or distribute software downloads, digital goods, memberships, subscriptions or regular shipping products on your WoltLab Suite-based web? With the help of our web shop solution you can! You can use the shop on the one hand as a presentation page of your free products (incl. download option directly on the product page), as well to sell any kind of virtual (software, licenses, downloads, etc.) or physical goods. The payment is directly integrated into the product page and can be expanded via interfaces to other payment methods (we offer most popular payment systems as a commercial plugin). The customer will access to the customer area right after payment. In the customer area, the customer can view existing licenses, renew or extend and download purchased products. You can manage all products, orders and customers in the administration interface.


  • Product management

    • Categories (unlimited depth)
    • Easy to use product types (core package contains product type for shipping products; dowonloads, licenses, memberships and subscriptions are available as commercial plugin)
    • Extensive configurations (product images, icons, access rights, individual labels weight, storage space, reorders, etc.)
    • List of functions possible for each product
    • Screenshots & product images
    • Individual configuration of products done by the customer (e.g. t-shirt size, individual options, etc.)
    • Create impressive product pages automatically (different views are available: list- or grid view)
    • Product reviews (can be deactivated)
    • Help pages (can be created individually)
  • Order process
    • Optimized order process incl. a digital shipping cart
    • Orders as guest (can be deactivated)
    • Individual configuration of notifications
    • Log for all changes of orders (e.g. payments) for traceability and non-repudiation
    • Add tracking number to your shipping items
    • Mighty search function for orders based on various search criteria
    • Support of multiple payment systems (Core module includes bank transfers; PayPal, Sofort.com, Paysafecards, Stripe and Barzahlen are available as Add-on)
    • Individual transaction costs for payments and shipping costs (available as Add-on)
    • Legal endorsement by customizable contractual terms (i.e., Terms and Conditions, Order cancellation, etc.), which must be accepted by the user when ordering
  • Invoices
    • Support for small business (no VAT), Reverse-Charge, B2C-/B2B-orders and the new EU policy for selling digital goods (multiple VATs for a product possible)
    • Automatic creation of invoices (can be deactivated)
    • Possibility to change the design of invoices
    • Support of external invoice systems
    • Support of multiple currencies (available as commercial Add-on)
    • Centralized management of tax categories for digital goods
  • Customer management
    • Mighty search with various search criteria
    • List of all orders / sent messages
    • Notes
    • List all customer information in user profile (only visible to administrators)

Available Add-ons

  • Customer area (Sell licenses and digital downloads)
  • PayPal payment type (Pay with PayPal and credit cards; supports automatic payment verification and processing)
  • Sofort.com payment type (Pay with bank transfer; supports automatic payment verification and processing)
  • Paysafecard payment type (Pay with Paysafecards; supports automatic payment verification and processing)
  • Stripe payment type (Pay with credit cards and bit coins; supports automatic payment verification and processing)
  • Barzahlen payment type (Pay in various shops (only available in Germany) and credit cards; supports automatic payment verification and processing)
  • Currency management (Support multiple currencies)
  • Shipping costs (Charge additional costs for shipping)
  • Vouchers (coupons, promotions and sell vouchers)
  • Customer-related downloads (individual downloads per customer, i.e. exclusive packages)
  • Subscriptions (e.g. Abonnements, contracts, web hosting)[/b]
  • Extended license management (Support of paid update access, etc.)
  • Memberships (e.g. premium memberships)

Those Add-ons are not included and will be available in the plugin-store soon. You can configure your individual package on our product page. Your advantage: you pay only for those features you really need!

What you get

  • VieCode Shop core module (for each installation, which is accessible to the public, you have to purchase a single license)

    • Available translations: German and English
    • Free bugfixes for version 7.2.x
  • Access to the official support (Activation)
  • Access to our FastLane-Service

Further information

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