Language - ''

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.5
    Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core
    - <item name=""><![CDATA[Searching…]]></item>
    + <item name=""><![CDATA[Searching …]]></item>
    - <item name=""><![CDATA[Retrieving the package lists…]]></item>
    + <item name=""><![CDATA[Retrieving the package lists …]]></item>

    For consistency...

    <item name=""><![CDATA[Search …]]></item>
    <item name=""><![CDATA[Loading …]]></item>
    <item name=""><![CDATA[Executing …]]></item>
    • Official Post


    Thank you. Just to have it noted, in this case it's not just consistency, but correctness: Without the space before the ellipsis it would mean that the word is abbreviated. In these cases all the words are completely given, thus the space needs to be there.

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