WoltLab Suite Español - Spanish language for WoltLab Suite

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    WoltLab Suite 6.0

    WoltLab Suite Español

    Spanish language for WoltLab Suite / Idioma español para WoltLab Suite

    I share with the WoltLab Community the Spanish language files es.xml for WoltLab Suite 6.0.x. All files are available on GitHub and you are free to use them for your projects.

    I have tried to make a coherent translation, seeking to unify terms between the different applications of the WoltLab Suite.

    I think that on this occasion a more than acceptable level of translation has been achieved, although there are bound to be bugs and suggestions in the future. Feel free to share your feedback in the GitHub repository.

    Currently the translation is done in the informal variant . If the number of Spanish websites wishing to use the formal variant Usted were to grow, this possibility could be reviewed.

    WoltLab Suite Español on GitHub (click here)

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    2023.11.24. Updated to 6.0.3 .
    2023.12.21. Updated to 6.0.4 .


    1. Some categories have been deliberately omitted (e.g. pip and devtools). There are technical phrases or terms that do not have a proper translation into Spanish, so I prefer to keep in the original language.

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  • Hello,

    I have now replaced my Spanish packages with yours, as I trust you more as a "native speaker" :P

    In addition to your packages, I have also made a translation for the VieCode lexicon in Spanish. If you like, I can make this available to you. Since Spanish is not my native language, you would have to check if the terms are correct. ^^

    Thank you very much for your work.

  • itsmeJAY Thanks :)

    Sometimes being a native speaker is a disadvantage, because it leads to eternal doubts about how to translate some words or terms. :D

    I send you a private message and we talk about the plugin translation.

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