AI and the "authorities"

  • AI is fast becoming a controversial "hot bed" - especially in the United States.

    Yesterday AI once again lit up the news headlines when it was revealed that musical artists complained about AI

    being "programmed" to create lyrics and songs which could not be detected as the real thing.

    Today on 3May2023, AI once again is spotlighted in the U.S. news media even though the subject being discussed on media news actually had no direct correlation to AI, e.g., the Hollywood Writers Strike.

    The news commentator didn't waste a moment to interject a question that went something like this:

    Do you believe AI will replace Hollywood Script Writers if the strike continues?

    In other words, those individuals who are against AI from every perspective, are on the "bandwagon" to make sure AI is

    "cut off at the pass".

    Knowing fully well how the current political administration behaves when it is confronted with something it does not agree with,

    it would not surprise me in the least if they eventually propose a total ban on the use of AI in the United States.

    If such a move by congress in this direction occurs, and it is unsuccessful, then President Biden is likely to issue another one of his infamous "executive orders".

  • AI-generated art is becoming increasingly popular, and there have been instances where AI has been used to compose music that has been performed by human musicians.

    However, it's important to note that while AI can be creative, it still lacks the conscious awareness and subjective experience that humans possess, which can limit its ability to truly replicate the complexity and depth of human creativity. Nonetheless, AI's creative potential continues to be explored and developed, and it's likely that we will see even more impressive examples of machine creativity in the future.

    AI has the potential to generate ideas and even write scripts for movies, but it is unlikely that it will completely replace human creativity in this field.

    While AI can be trained to recognize patterns in large datasets and generate new ideas based on those patterns, it still lacks the nuanced understanding of human emotions, experiences, and cultural context that is essential for truly compelling storytelling. AI-generated content can often lack the emotional depth and authenticity that comes from a human writer's personal experiences and insights.

    Furthermore, the creative process of filmmaking involves more than just writing the script. Directors, producers, actors, and other members of the film crew all bring their own unique perspectives and skills to the table, and collaborate to bring a story to life on the screen. While AI can contribute to the writing process, it is unlikely to replace the collaborative and inherently human nature of the filmmaking process.

    While AI can certainly contribute to the creative process, there is still a need for human emotions, experiences, and cultural context in storytelling that AI cannot replicate.

    But still concerning to hear that there are individuals who are against AI from every perspective and are trying to block its development.

    I do believe that AI has a lot of potential to benefit society in various ways, and it's important to approach it with an open mind and careful consideration. A total ban on AI seems extreme and unlikely, but it's essential that regulations are put in place to ensure its ethical and responsible use.

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

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  • Thank you, your reply is appreciated.

    There are several statements above of which I disagree with. Just to mention one:

    "However, it's important to note that while AI can be creative, it still lacks the conscious awareness and subjective experience that humans possess, which can limit its ability to truly replicate the complexity and depth of human creativity."

    Yes, at its present development.

    However, within the relatively near future, AI will be able to equal, and even surpass, the complexities of these

    conscious and subjective awareness traits you mention. And a whole lot more.

    For those persons reading this, as Admin of Totally-Blazon Forum [] I have written an "article"

    on the subject matter of AI which goes into greater detail than what I have mentioned in this Thread / Post.

    The "article" will be posted by tonight.

    Ruff Seas

    P.S. This post was written by a "real" person.

  • Addendum to my Post #3:

    The article I mentioned in post 3 has been uploaded, and two images are included.

    Although it is mentioned in the article, e.meneses touch on one aspect of this discussion of which I would like to elaborate on:

    A total ban on AI seems extreme and unlikely, but it's essential that regulations are put in place to ensure its ethical and responsible use.

    I wish I could be confident that " 'a total ban on AI seems ....unlikely....' ", however I am not.

    U.S. President Biden as of 4 MAY 2023 has called for a thorough examination and discussion on the future of AI, and how to regulate

    it; He has gathered together a group of top technological experts at the White House for this purpose.

    Why so much concern about AI? Because apparently for the first time in his reign as President of the U.S., he is extremely worried

    that he and his administration could possibly lose "control".

  • I strongly believe that a complete prohibition of AI is highly unlikely. However, I am certain that regulations and limitations will be imposed in the near future.

    In the past, we assumed that technology would primarily eliminate lower-skilled jobs. However, the present reality has been more difficult for professions that require higher qualifications.

    AI appears to be encroaching on the job security of individuals who previously thought their positions were, in some way, untouchable, which could explain why there is such concern about protecting the rights of privileged individuals.

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

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  • AI is going to stay. More and more countries will try to acquire this ability. AI was around since a long time. It is getting this attention because they offered a free, public service like ChatGPT.

    Smile , it's good for health

  • For those of you who may be of the opinion that AI is not under attack, e.g., forced regulation, you may want to log onto AI News and Economic Forum as presented on:

    Global push to regulate AI, plus other AI stories this month
    Top stories: The global regulation of Artificial Intelligence tools accelerates; Study shows generative AI increases worker productivity; and more.

    Here are just a few of the "highlights":

    A group of EU lawmakers working on AI legislation is calling for a global summit to find ways to control the development of advanced AI systems, according to reports from Reuters. The 12 European Parliament members have urged US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to convene a meeting of world leaders.

    Keyword from the above is: " 'control' "

    And this:

    Research shows that efforts to regulate AI appear to be gathering pace. Stanford University's 2023 AI Index shows 37 AI-related bills were passed into law globally in 2022. The US led the push for regulation, passing nine laws, followed by Spain with five and the Philippines with four.

    Keyword from the above is: " 'regulate' "

    The keyword here to pay attention to - as stated by President Biden a few days ago as well as leaders from other countries -

    is regulation.

    Make no mistake about it:

    Whenever "heads of state", and other "authorities" who are extremely powerful, mention the words "regulate" and "control",

    it is clear that their intentions and goals are to put AI under strict governmental control,

    inhibiting the growth and intelligence advancements of AI development!

  • Where is the "line" drawn between forum posting and forum flooding?

    I suppose anything is possible; however, I seriously doubt that it is a "coincidence" that the Forum Member who goes by

    User Name "Aethior", floods Woltlab Forum with as many posts as possible

    whenever I post something about AI.

    Just who is "Aethior" ?

    Is he a government "agent" on a mission to stop anyone from presenting a debate on AI ?

    If so, which government does he represent or work for?

    What are his personal motives?

  • :/

    Conspiracists have promoted theories such as flat earth, chemtrails or vaccines with microchips against scientific evidence. They have even harangued the masses to take over buildings by force. Conspiracists are really dangerous people. Sorry, I don't want to share information about myself with you.

    Watch out for the tinfoil hat on stormy days.

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