Wave of the Future: AI - Artifical Intelligence

  • Hello Everyone,

    My first "gut" reaction regarding AI was that I did not want anything to do with it!

    However I have changed my position on this issue - the last time I checked with the "authorities", I am still allowed to do that.

    Like it or not, AI is definitely here to stay; and soon the advancement of technology in that field will make AI so "smart"

    that it will be impossible to distinguish between AI and Humans when an AI platform is incorporated in someone's

    business, website, or forum.

    There are people who are definitely "upset" over the use of AI, to the point that they refuse to have anything to do with -

    for example - a forum which incorporates AI to any extent.

    My answer to those individuals who feel that way:

    I am reminded of a certain British Actress (Joan Hickson) who once made the following statement in one of her performances:

    " 'I feel sorry [for them] because the world has changed, and they forgot to change with it' ".

    Ruff Seas

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