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    I know I have asked this before but am still hoping for it to be a thing in the near future. So asking and suggesting again in hopes for the development team to take it into consideration. Mostly because all other larger community suites have support for this.

    Will you please consider adding the possibility to add the option to attach/upload multiple files (upload and external URL's) in Filebase?

    The last time I asked I was answered with less than ideal method of adding one version number for each file that I wanted to add. There are several obvious reasons as to why that is not ideal, user friendliness being one of them.

    I really believe this would be a much appreciated function and just as in other software could be such as when a user clicks the download button, if there are multiple files attached a pop-up will be presented with the available downloads. As I am not a developer I don't know how it works, but can it really be that hard to implement since the core function of uploading already exist?

    It may sound cheesy but it's literally the only reason why I don't use WoltLab anymore and my hopes are the reason I keep coming around to the forums =)


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