Update: WoltLab Suite 5.5.3 / 5.4.21

  • We have just released new versions of our products:

    • WoltLab Suite 5.5.3
    • WoltLab Suite 5.4.21

    Stability releases (third part of the version number, also known as “patch releases”) aim to solve existing problems in the current version. Like every stability release, they do not introduce new features. It is strongly recommended to apply these updates.

    How to Apply Updates

    Open your Administration Control Panel and navigate to “Configuration → Packages → List Packages”. Please click on the button “Search for Updates” located in the right corner above the package list.

    Notable Changes

    The list below includes only significant changes, minor fixes or typos are generally left out.

    WoltLab Suite Calendar

    • Exporting a single repeating event no longer results in an error message. 5.5

    WoltLab Suite Forum

    • The main menu entry for "Ignored threads" is now added properly when upgrading from WoltLab Suite 5.4. In communities already upgraded from 5.4, the entry is also added. 5.5
    • In case of multiple threads with the same time of the last reply in a forum, the display of the last post in the forum overview is now consistent with the sort order of threads in the forum. 5.5
    • When deleting threads, file attachments and polls were not completely deleted. 5.4
    • An error could occur when editing start posts without polls. 5.4

    WoltLab Suite Filebase

    • Fixed for use with PHP 8.1. 5.5

    WoltLab Suite Gallery

    • Fixes for use with PHP 8.1. 5.5
    • Various minor fixes and adjustments. 5.4

    WoltLab Suite Core: Importer

    • Internal changes only. 5.5

    WoltLab Suite Core: Konversationen

    • For developers: A new event after message creation has been provided. 5.5 5.4

    WoltLab Suite Core: WebAuthn

    • Security keys with key handles with a length of up to 1023 bytes – the standardized maximum length – are now supported. The limit was previously 255 bytes. 5.5 5.4

    WoltLab Suite Core

    • The moderation overview now contains a link to the list of deleted content. 5.5
    • Entering credentials when performing updates via the package server no longer results in an error message. 5.5
    • When resizing the window, the position of open user menus is updated. 5.5
    • The color picker can now be submitted by pressing Enter. 5.5
    • After creating an article the fields for meta title and description are reset correctly now. 5.5
    • Several fixes for displaying error messages in case of bad input in FormBuilder forms. 5.5
    • Improved the header search behavior on mobile devices. 5.5
    • Thumbnails in the image viewer were sometimes scaled improperly. 5.5 5.4
    • Styles can now be (de)activated in the admin panel on mobile devices. 5.5
    • A JavaScript bug in polls for guests has been fixed. 5.5
    • Compatibility with PHP before 8.0 when processing editor texts with quotes was fixed. 5.5
    • Package servers that deliver an already installed package for which no version is allowed to be accessed via this package server no longer cause an error message under PHP 8.1. 5.5
    • When inserting graphics, the focus is automatically set to the first input field. 5.5
    • Executing "Mark all as read" in the user menu now also removes the tab indicator. 5.5
    • The calculation of the next execution hour of cronjobs was corrected. 5.5
    • The cache is now reset correctly after deleting language variables. 5.5

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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