New Manual for WoltLab Suite

    • Official Post

    We have completely revised the manual for WoltLab Suite and paid special attention to its user-friendliness. Among other things the following things have been improved with the new manual:

    • Optimized menu structure: The articles in the manual are now better grouped by topic. It is also easier to switch to the next or previous article.
    • Improved search function: The search function is now faster and better optimized for searching the manual.
    • Modern design: Clear structures make the manual appear tidier and therefore clearer.
    • More content: We have added numerous articles to the manual to answer recurring questions and explain individual functions in more detail.
    • Remarks for the WoltLab Cloud: At the relevant places we have added notes in case a statement only applies to on-premise customers.

    Get an impression of the new manual and give us feedback if you miss something.


    At the same time we are launching a new blog section on our website, where we will publish our product introductions and other useful articles on a regular basis.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

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