New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.3 (Part 4)

  • In the previous three parts we have already dealt with the new features and improvements of WoltLab Suite 5.3. New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.3 (Part 3) deals with the revised management of notification settings and the redesign of trophies in more detail. In this fourth part we will discuss further improvements, which are mainly of benefit to the administrator.

    Tip: For developers we have in the meantime provided an overview of the technical improvements and simplifications in the new version in New Features for Developers in WoltLab Suite 5.3.

    Revised Confirmation Process for Email Addresses

    The independent activation of users by confirming their email address is widespread and only in some cases do operators make use of the option to activate user accounts manually. In this constellation, however, confirmation of the email address by the user is no longer required.

    With version 5.3 these two components are now separated from each other. During the activation process after registration, the user can confirm their email address to receive notification emails. By default, confirming the email address implicitly activates the user account. Alternatively, it is now possible to configure that the account must first be approved by the administrator.

    For already activated users, the email confirmation is now recorded separately. Subsequent deactivation of the email address has no effect on the activation status of the user account, but prevents regular emails, such as notifications, from being sent to their address.

    Local Storage of Google Fonts

    The Google Fonts project offers a wide range of fonts for use on websites, ideal for adding character to your own site. With version 5.3 these fonts are no longer accessed directly by the browser from the Google Fonts service, but are provided directly by the WoltLab Suite.

    The selected fonts are downloaded directly from the software and stored locally in the WoltLab Suite installation. At no time the browser connects to Google to get the fonts, everything runs directly and immediately through your installation.

    Error Handling for Individual CSS/SCSS

    Until now, syntax errors in individual CSS/SCSS only became apparent when the front page was accessed, which could be very annoying, especially when making minor changes to a live website. With the new version, the input is checked directly and in case of an error, saving of the changes is prevented.

    For longer contents in the input fields for individual CSS and SCSS, the system now also remembers the previous caret position when submitting.

    Upload Additional Images for Styles

    It is not uncommon for a style to require additional images in addition to the logo - e.g. for the display of background images. Until now, you had to upload these images separately via FTP. With the new version, this can be done directly via the style editor in the same way as uploading the logo.

    Other Improvements

    The management of label groups has been improved. Label groups can now be filtered by title and description, and the number of labels in a group is displayed. A click on the number leads directly to the appropriate list of labels.

    When creating user ranks, a live preview is now displayed when entering the name.

    The email signature can now also contain HTML code.

    From version 5.3 on, notification emails contain the List-Unsubscribe and List-ID headers. These headers allow email clients to sort the emails better and provide the user with an easier way to unsubscribe from mails.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

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