• Hello, I have recently brought your product and I request help installing it. I received the download link and I am not sure what to do with it. I request this for my clan and can someone go in more detail of how to download it. For instance download links, etc.

    Cheers Robin

  • Adobe Reader could not open 'install.php' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)

    I am sorry about this, i enjoyed the trial version but didn't know the start would be so complicated. aha.

  • Did you read the Readme.txt contained in the installation file? There is the instructions on how to install the product.

    1. Unzip the zip file to your hard drive. You'll get these files:

    * upload/test.php
    * upload/install.php
    * upload/WCFSetup.tar.gz
    * License agreement.txt
    * Lies mich.txt
    * Lizenzbestimmungen.txt
    * Read me.txt

    Note: The file "WCFSetup.tar.gz" is also an archive. Never unzip that archive!

    2. Simply upload the three files from the "upload" subdirectory with your FTP program to a subdirectory of your choice on your web space. Consider uploading the files to the directory, where you want your forum to be installed later. The installation assistant will then suggest you first to create a directory for the Community Framework (wcf) and later directly in the current directory for the products mentioned above.

    3. To ensure your web space fullfils the system requirements, consider testing the PHP support first! All you need to do so is opening the file ("test.php") in your browser and see the results. E.g. "" (replace "" with the name of your server). If your server doesn't meet the system requirements, you may contact your web host to ask for some solution. For a Web server, please install the missing components.

    4. For further installation, please keep your MySQL access data ready. You can get this in the customer area of your web host.

  • I went over it and i'm stuck on the 2nd instruction aha. I am sorry about this but i am seen as a bit of a noob at this stuff.

  • Installing and running our software requires a server or webspace with PHP support and a MySQL database.

    The system requirements are: You need to have at least PHP in Version 5.3.2 and MySQL 5.1.17 with InnoDB support. It is recommended to always use the latest versions for better performance, stability and security reasons.

    The following PHP extensions are required to operate our software:
    - mbstring
    - libxml
    - dom
    - zlib
    - pdo
    - pdo_mysql
    - json
    - pcre.

    The PHP safe-mode must be disabled and the memory_limit must be at least 128 MB.

    In general our software installs and runs smoothly on all bigger hosting companies.

    For detailed installation instructions, please visit our blog at: Installation (clean installation/standalone installation)

  • In order to choose a web hosting, you need to decide on

    1. Traffic you expect

    2. Expected no. of maximum online users at a particular time

    3. Disk space required


    Smile , it's good for health

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