Installation problems

  • Hi there all,

    I have no problems installing the software.

    Only I don't know to see extra 'tabs' as BLOG and GALLERY in Burning Board.

    The WCF I can install in a database and I number up :

    1 - Burnimgboard
    2 - Blog
    3 - Gallery

    SO I can have multiple WCF in the Database I created for the application.

    Only I cannot install BLOG into the Burningboard directory.

    I need to make for example wcf, wcfblog, wcfblog folders/directories.

    And I have under the Public_html also

    burningboard directory
    burningblog directory

    What I am doing wrong ? How can I couple / merge them together.

    All applications work on their own. I a missing something, I don't know what.

    Thanks in advance,

    Lara (Belgium)

  • Hi,

    In principle, you don't need multiple installations of the WCF. Once you have installed WBB in your root directory (in the case you want it there), then you can install the blog and the gallery as packages.

    You can install them using the search function in the ACP (just search for gallery and blog):

    You can also install them by downloading the update packages. Go to and choose Download update for the blog and the gallery.

    Then you can upload them as normal packages.

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  • The easiest way to install the blog, gallery or filebase is to go to "Packages" in your admin control panel and then click on "Install Package". In the "Search Terms" area enter the package name ("gallery" for instance) and then click on "Submit". From the search results look for the package that says "WoltLab Gallery" (if you searched for "gallery") and click on the add symbol. You will be asked for your license information and you will only have to click "Next" when prompted to do so and if everything looks ok.

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