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  • We are manufacturing firms from Taiwan, the past ten years have use forum software to structure our company's intranet forum, is due originally used Discuz! X3.2 not provide full-text search capabilities, and I companies do not want to use China to develop software, ask the following questions ......

    1. Burning Board whether the built-in full-text search function? It can be used in our traditional Chinese search it?
    2. Burning Board can upload file attachments? Have file size limit? I hope that even if the file size is limited, and do not just limit 2Mb, but larger.
    3. Burning Board there is no test version available to download do we install the test to make sure I can do it alone installation program, because we are far away in Taiwan, Asia, and I hope I can finish the job independently without resorting to others.

    The above problems, hoping to get answers, thank you!

  • Hello @twbrian,

    Our products use the MySQL full text search. The language support is therefore directly dependent on MySQL.
    According to the manual MySQL says:

    Ideographic languages such as Chinese and Japanese do not have word delimiters. Therefore, the built-in full-text parser cannot determine where words begin and end in these and other such languages.

    In MySQL 5.7.6, a character-based ngram full-text parser that supports Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK), and a word-based MeCab parser plugin that supports Japanese are provided for use with InnoDB and MySIAM tables.

    For more information see:…arch-ngram.html

    The problem is that we have no experience with Chinese or other ideographic languages. Therefore we can not say what is required to operate our products with these languages.

    We deliver our products in German and English. As far as we know, there is no Chinese translation from our community.
    Available unofficial translations can be found here: Unofficial language packs

    There is also no existing Importer to import data from Discuz! X3.2!

    It is possible to attach files to posts. The maximum size depends on the PHP configuration of the server (among others it depends on the variable max_upload_filesize).

    Installing and running our software requires a server or webspace with PHP support and a MySQL database.

    You need to have at least PHP in Version 5.3.2 and MySQL 5.1.17 with InnoDB support. It is recommended to always use the latest versions for better performance, stability and security reasons.

    The following PHP extensions are required to operate our software:

    • mbstring
    • libxml
    • dom
    • zlib
    • pdo
    • pdo_mysql
    • json
    • pcre

    The PHP safe-mode must be disabled and the memory_limit must be at least 128 MB.

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