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    it is possible to have a grid with the intern name , english translation and the new language , it is more easy to translate

    Have a good day

  • it is possible to export a xml file in english with the difference between here English and French for the word not translate in french here

    there are 4723 expression in English and only 4577 in french thus sometimes we see when the forum is in french .

  • good idea , but there are diff at each line , between french and english , not the same words not the same lenght

    Actually I use Notepad++ in two windows and make the job

  • thanks for you reply

    the diff plugin for notepad it is not a good idea

    because , each line is different

    in french

    <item name="blog.entry.button.add"><![CDATA[Créer un article]]></item>

    in English
    <item name="blog.entry.button.add"><![CDATA[Create Article]]></item>

    there are difference for the length and there are différence between words , after the first line all is different.

    I open notepad++ with the 2 files in 2 windows and i compare the title of each line and add the line who don't exist in french xml file

    and thus i hope a query between the french file and english file to have a english file with only "blog." or orther word don't exist in french and create a xml file with the words without translation but with the english word for an easy translation

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