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    This is actually APPROVED for Woltlab Burning Board 4.2, but I would like to see it incorporated into the firmware, because it would be useless if it did not apply to ALL of Wotlab's products.
    image proxy

    For those of us who have sites using full ssl, an image proxy system would be very beneficial. It would also speed up sites, as you would not entirely be dependent on the source site loading.

    I am aware there is an add-on for this, but the basic function should be in the core

  • As the WCF 2.2 comes with the Buring Board 4.2 I would assume it's a WCF future.

    After the release of 4.1 ... I learned NOT to assume anything. :!:

    There are A LOT of things I did not think to check, because EVERYONE, since FOREVER has had X, Y, Z...

    There are a few established industry standards that Woltlab has ignored.

    It's sort of like the Internet Explorer version of Forum Software.... They appear to be completely ignoring what is well established in their industry, just as Microsoft did with IE.

  • Burning Board 4.1 goes with WCF 2.1 and Buring Board 4.2 will go with the WCF 2.2

    Noted, but we're going way off topic now....

    I was hinting at the fact that its missing basic things that even free software has as standard... ignore being one of them. Which is something I never thought to check if WBB had, because who doesn't? Answer: Woltlab

  • This is not a dipulacte. :rolleyes:

    The original request was for this to be in the forum software.

    This request was to make it clear that this should be included in the framework as to cover ALL products and not just the forum.

    But I have recently discovered that Woltlab appears to have a problem treating all content as content... is... Things work in X product, but don't in Z product.

  • There has been a few things that would make sense if done correctly, but were not done correctly. I have learned not to assume the logical answer will apply.

    I think they will put the function in the core anyway. Everything else wouldn't make sense in my view.

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