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  • @Alexander Ebert after the first category is not available, why?

    I'm testing the most friendly positions and It is the perfect position in my forum to display ads.

    After the last forum category only is possible showing the ads after every category. Is not possible add a individual position for this?

    Edit: After every 2-3 category is not a good solution. For example my forum have 10 categories. With this solution I have to display 10 ads (after every category), 5 ads (after every 2 category) or 3 ads (after every 3 category). + sidebar ad (Google only allow 3 ads per page - view Adsense policies).

    I want a friendly ads: maximum 3 ads per page (view Adsense policies), after a content, not displayed in the top of page, etc.

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  • @Alexander Ebert check this please.

  • We discussed this internally and there is already a placeholder at the top and bottom which have a similar effect. Also the list offers already a lot of different placeholders and we want to keep things simple, so we'll leave it as it is.

    Sorry, but I can not agree.

    • After the first forum category is similar like after the first post position. If for posts is an easy solution for forum list also.After the first forum category is a friendly ad position for user under the content. I don't like top content ads. If we want users not use adblock, we must be careful. (The users are very important for me)
    • Content Area (top) and Content Area (bottom) positions violates the adsense policies in some cases.

      Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content based pages like thank you, error, log in, or exit pages.

    • After every X category displays a lot ads. Adsense only allow a maximun three ads. (In my case displays a minimum 4 ads)

      Currently, on each page AdSense publishers may place:

    Edit. Look at this. It is an example of the ads I want.

    The ad appear after the first category. You can see the top of the page clear and the ad not disturb. The same position can I use in mobile resolutions. When the user enter in my forum the first is the content, aand after the content the user sees the ad.

    If I use annoying ads the user will use Adblock and my advertising will be stupid.

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  • We discussed this internally and there is already a placeholder at the top and bottom which have a similar effect.

    Because I don't like use a content top ad position:

    **This ad is displayed in all forum with other ads (have no page condition).

    If you visit a page with these ads, You automatically activates adblock...

    Example 1. Content top and sidebar top. The top of the page are ads. Is not friendly for users, you first want to see is content.

    Example 2. Content top and after first post. In my example the text in the post is generous but the ads are excessive. Imagine the same post with less text. The hell of abusive advertising.

    I think in responsive advertising. A good ads in the correct place. If you want the user respect the ads and help to monetize the site (disabling adblock), you need to respect your users and your content.


    Example: (

    This page uses ads similar as I proposed. In the index: sidebar top (300x250), after the second category and after the last category. In the stories there are ads in the sidebar and after the story. Normally the users don't use adblock in this page. (and users click on ads to help monetize the site. When the user feels respected, the user respects advertising.)

    Users accept this type of advertising: mMaximun three ads, no in the top, etc.)

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  • More reasons...

    Content Area (top) for mobile resolution is very annoying.


    In the first image the ad appear in the middle of the screen. The first that you see when enter my web is an annoying ad. The second image is my suggestion, the ad appear after the first category. This announcement is not so annoying.

    Content Area (top) ad don't have "page condition" and You are forcing me to display this ad in all pages if I want to show one ad on my board list.

    @Alexander Ebert I think I'm explaining many good reasons to have in consideration. When I do aesthetic suggestions I understand the reasons for no implement, but in this suggestion I'm speaking about visual impact when you enter in my web, the user comfort when navigate around my forum, Adsense policies, etc.

    Edit. Very few forums can use After every category option. Google Adsense policies only allow maximum 3 ads per page. Normally one board have more than 3 categories. If you have less than 3 categories (2 categories, for example) After the first category is perfect solution, with this option you have a ad in the middle of two categories, similar as the previous option.

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  • @Alexander Ebert I just saw that "Forum list" category is literally ALL forum lists. I thought we were talking only about Board List (the image in my first post). Now I have small forums (forums, not categories) into other forums divided between a big ad (the ad is more big than forums) and the ad position is similar as Content Area (top). It is an unexpected result for me.

    My suggestion speaks about Board List, the index of my website. Is not possible use a Board List category? I know you want a simple and easy system for all forums and customers, but the Board List is commonly the index of many websites (my case) and webmasters want have a special control about this page.

    I promise you that when I make this suggestion I have in mind that you wants an easy system but when I made this suggestion I only meant to Board List. :(


    I propose:

    Board List (My image in the first post. ONLY the Board List) **
    — After the first forum category. (1)
    — After the last forum category. (2)

    Forum List (Only into the forums. NO the Board List)
    — After the first category.
    — After every category.
    — After every 2 category.
    — After every 3 category.

    **I think the third party plugins do exactly this. I think is an easy system and you have a big control about ads.

    Edit. I can't use display: none to hide the unexpected result. The Board List ads and the Forum List ads are the same class .wbbAdLocationBoardList.

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  • Because they (partially) use the same template.

    In CSS prefix with #tplBoardList or #tplBoard, this ID is automatically set on the body element.

    Thanks Alexander. This works, but reviewing policies of Google Adsense... I can not use this solution. :/

    Techniques to avoid
    Here are some techniques that you’ll want to avoid:

    • Hiding ad units at anytime (e.g. display:none), unless you're implementing a responsive ad unit.

    Edit. I just realized that sidebar position can violate the Google Adsense policies. Adsense does not allow hidden ads and the sidebar can expand or collapse.

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