Features of WoltLab Suite



Awarded as the best forum software multiple times, our forum solution provides an unparalleled experience for users and administrators alike, giving your community a worthy place to stay, discuss and share. You can't buy success, but you can pick the right tool.

Picture & Video Gallery

Images are more than just a still picture, they are even more than a dictionary full of words. They carry over an impressive message, with emotions weaved into every detail. WoltLab Suite Gallery gives images a space to breath and the space to tell their story. The space they deserve.


Calendars are the most convenient and straightforward solution to announce and organize upcoming events for or related to your community. The calendar is enriched with advanced features, such as repeating events or participant tracking, and will take care of your needs.


Distributing files and documents can be a real challenge when you want to keep track of each item and ensure that certain files are only accessible by some users. Filebase is the integrated tool to accomplish these goals without the need to rely on 3rd party services.


Content is the driving power behind successful sites and ensures their spot at the top. Step in and provide your community a place to raise their voice, share their experience and enrich your site with valuable content, eventually attracting new visitors.

User Engagement


Express your opinion on a post or a picture by making use of reactions that can be set with a simple click without the need to write an entire message. A smiling smiley or a "thumbs up", you can freely customize the range of available reactions.


Automatically award trophies to reward activity, such as for a certain number of posts written. Trophies earned this way can be displayed in the profile and in the sidebar next to posts to show your own success and motivate other users to be more active.

User Ranks

Manually assign special titles, and optionally rank images, to indicate important users. In addition, ranks can also be assigned automatically according to criteria you specify, to assign new ranks depending on activity.

Automatic User Group Assignment

With the help of automatic assignments to user groups, users can be added to user groups based on individually defined criteria and thus be given more rights - for example, to previously inaccessible areas.


Conversations are private messages that users can write to each other. An ad hoc coordination or confidential conversations are effortlessly possible thanks to a familiar interface; optionally, entire user groups can also be added.

Best Answers

Complex questions often lead to longer discussion threads, making it difficult to quickly find the solution you are looking for. Questioners can mark answers as best answers, making it easier for other users to find the most useful answer in a discussion right away.


Enhance posts with polls that members can participate in. Polls can be limited to a set number of options and set to end automatically after a set period of time.

Live Updates New Cloud Hosting only

Discussions are often very asynchronous and new content is discovered after quite a delay, even new posts will only appear after the page has been reloaded. With live updates, notifications and information about new posts are pushed to the browser in real time. Learn more

Content Discovery

Mobile Version

On the road with a smartphone, on the couch with a tablet or browsing with a notebook, your site is always accessible via the browser. WoltLab Suite automatically adapts to the device you are using and provides the best possible experience - no app installation required.

Recent Activities

New content is only interesting if it can be found. With the recent activities list, your users can quickly and easily get an overview of the latest happenings on your site, making it much easier to discover interesting content.

Recommended Content

Focus on specific content that you have curated, that should be highlighted on your page, or that is particularly important to your users. You can also use this tool to highlight blogs that are particularly worth reading or useful files from other users.


With the help of tags, created content can be assigned to any keywords and thus categorized. Users can then find content on specific topics more quickly, for example a discussion topic in the forum and matching images in the gallery.

Full-Text Search

The powerful and fast full-text search allows users to search through all the content on your site. Optionally, the search can also be based on Elasticsearch to provide more precise and faster results, especially for large amounts of data.

RSS Feeds

Many different sites are competing for your users' attention these days. The RSS feeds generated by default can be conveniently subscribed to by your users with an RSS reader, so that they can find out about new content on your site without having to manually visit it all the time.


Users can be notified individually about aspects relevant to them, such as replies to conversations or changes to subscribed content. Notifications are displayed directly on your page and optionally sent via email as well.

Official Posts New

Posts by moderators and administrators can optionally be marked as official. This feature allows users to easily jump to posts from team members in longer threads, making it easier to find important announcements.

Ignore Forums and Threads New

Users can ignore and thus hide individual threads and entire forums, if they are not interested in the respective content. This allows them to hide uninteresting content and better focus on the subjects that really matter to them.

Content Creation

Rich Text Editor

The powerful Rich Text Editor is at the heart of content creation in the community. It allows users to see how content will appear once it is published as they create it. As the site operator, you can customize the editor and add additional formatting options.

File Uploads

A few illustrative images, a PDF document or other types of files can be easily uploaded directly, for example directly from the clipboard or by dragging the file into the editor. You as the administrator can of course limit the type and amount of files.


Mention other users or optionally whole user groups in texts by intuitively entering @ followed by the name to address them directly. The mentioned persons will immediately receive a notification about it and can thus react to the mention in a timely manner.

Smileys / Emojis

The written word leaves a lot of room for interpretation and the specific use of smileys and emojis has proven to be an ideal way to express the intended intention. As an operator, you can expand the existing smileys as you see fit.

Rich Embedding New

WoltLab Suite recognizes embedded links in messages and can directly display a suitable preview. For example, it is possible to display a short teaser from a website or embed videos from popular platforms in messages in a privacy-compliant way.

Thread Forms

Thread forms allow you to define custom input fields that are displayed to users at the beginning of the form for creating a new forum thread. After the thread is created, the specified values are listed before the actual text of the starting post.


The integrated multi-language capability allows content to be assigned to a specific language, as well as providing central elements such as forum names with localized titles. Optionally, users can filter content based on language, hiding unknown languages.



Conveniently create any pages with the page management and link them to existing content. Combine them with the possibilities of the box and menu system to reuse content on multiple pages or create article series.


All menus can be modified individually, provided with their own entries and displayed at specific positions on the page. Links to subpages take access rights into account when they are displayed and show the user when there is new content to be discovered there.


The extensive box system allows you to display individual boxes at a variety of positions. The content of a box can be configured individually, it can be static in the form of text or dynamically generated from user-created content.


The integrated article management is ideal for publishing news articles or for an editorially maintained blog. Combined with the possibility for localization, the articles can also be used for the creation of a knowledge base.

User Profiles


The user profile bundles a user's details and brings them together with the created content in one place. The modular structure of the profile allows integration of content from other sources, for example a list of the latest albums in the gallery.

Custom Profile fields

As an administrator, you can extend the user profile with your own input fields, which are presented to users to fill in. Extensive configuration options allow you to specify exactly which input field needs to be filled in and when, and who can see which content.

Cover Photo

Users can personalize their own profile by uploading a custom cover photo. The photo is displayed full-width in the header of the page and serves as an eye-catcher for a good first impression.


The wall in the user profile allows a user to interact directly with other users and provide their own content. Particularly suitable for messages that are directly addressed to a user, but may still be of interest to third parties.


Users can follow other users to get a better overview of their content. In addition, access to certain own content, for example blogs or gallery albums, can be restricted to users you follow yourself.


Users can block unwanted other users and thus hide their content. This prevents direct contact via conversations as well as the generation of notifications by the blocked user.

Spam Defense


One of the techniques used to defend against automated computer programs is the category of "captcha". These usually appear in the form of images that contain a distorted string of characters that must be entered by the user in order to complete the registration process, for example.

Stop Forum Spam

Spam is a global problem, which the "Stop Forum Spam" service addresses with the help of many thousands of forums. Known spammers are listed on public lists and automatically filtered out by our software during registration.

Flood Control

Use intelligent limits on actions to further reduce the effectiveness of spammers. For example, limit the sending of private messages to members or require a minimum time between two new posts.

Safety Net

Various techniques in the generated page source code ensure that links from users carry a special flag. This protects your site's reputation, drastically reduces the effectiveness of spam links, and makes your site unattractive to spammers.

One-click Content Removal New

If a spammer does manage to publish content on your site, you can remove it completely with just a few clicks. The content painstakingly created by the spammer is thus completely gone from your site within seconds.


Warnings & Suspensions

Especially in large forums, friction between users can sometimes occur or careless words are spoken in a heated discussion. Use warnings to address misconduting users and trigger automated sanctions once a user has received too many warning points.


Inform your users about important things in a targeted manner or provide additional hints in certain areas, such as a specific subforum. These placed hints are displayed in the upper part of the page and can optionally be hidden permanently by users.


Prevent the use of swear words or otherwise undesirable terms that you do not want to appear in your users' messages. Sending of such messages will be blocked until the problematic terms are removed.

Content Moderation

For each user group, it is possible to set that new content from these users must first be reviewed by a moderator before it can be published. This is suitable for pre-screening new users as well as people who have attracted negative attention in the past.

Report Content

A "Report Content" button allows your users to immediately report problematic content to the moderation so that they can address the content. For confidential content, such as a message from a private conversation, only this particular message will be submitted to moderation.

Inline Moderation

Content moderation does not take place via cumbersome forms, but offers the possibility to perform certain actions directly on the "spot". The actions range from a more general deletion to specific actions such as banning the editing of messages.



The integration of text or image advertising is often the easiest method to cover the running costs and also to open up an additional revenue stream. Advertising can be displayed in general placeholders as well as in special positions, for example between posts.

Paid Subscriptions

Paid subscriptions represent an alternative source of both higher and regular income. Coupled with the purchase of such a subscription are special privileges on your site, such as access to interesting articles or special forum areas.



Specify precisely which content is accessible to which users and user groups and which privileges you want to grant them. Based on user groups, you can map even the most complex structures to make content available in a targeted manner.

Password Encryption

Stolen data and passwords are reported on an almost weekly basis, and the loss of trust and image damage caused by stolen passwords in particular is enormous. We therefore rely on an extremely secure one-way method for storing passwords that does not allow to infer the plaintext password.

Multi-Factor Authentication New

Strong passwords do not provide sufficient protection against all attack scenarios, for example if the access data for the email account is lost. Optionally, user accounts can be further secured with another factor, for example an app for generating one-time codes.

SSL/TLS Support

Confidential data on a postcard doesn't stay confidential for long; likewise, entered (access) data is no longer secure if it is transmitted unencrypted over the Internet. Support for encrypted SSL/TLS connections requires no configuration and activates itself automatically.

Promotion and Social Networks

Share Content

All content can be shared on social networks with a few clicks to increase the reach of your page and attract new visitors. Data transfer to a third-party site only takes place once the user explicitly triggers the action.

Login via Third-Parties

Many users already have a user account on popular social networks or major platforms. Lower the barrier to registration and attract more users by allowing them to sign in via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub with just a few clicks.


We have made many optimizations to achieve ideal visibility in search engines, which automatically ensure better rankings. Readable URLs, semantic HTML, high speed, XML sitemaps and WebP graphics are just a part of the benefits of our software solution.

Rich Metadata

Search engines have become very good over the years at understanding context and better ranking content. Using the OpenGraph protocol and HTML5 microdata, search engines get additional information in the page source text that improves this process and avoids errors.


Enable or Disable Features

A wide range of features allows you to combine many different use cases in one software. To ensure that this is not at the expense of usability, you can selectively switch off features to reduce the interface to the aspects that are important to you and your users.

Styles & Templates

The standard layout is deliberately kept neutral and focuses on a good user experience, but there is often a desire to adapt the appearance to your own requirements. You can individually adapt the software to your specifications so that it visually fits into your existing site.

Visual Style Editor

With the visual style editor, color scheme customization is convenient and accessible directly from the administration panel. Based on a simplified representation, color values can be adjusted and displayed directly, for example to check contrasts.


All texts in the user interface can be freely altered and translated into other languages if required, so that you can address your target group in the best possible way. For visitors a suitable language is automatically preselected based on the language set in the browser.


Our extensive plugin system allows you to adapt the software to your requirements almost without limits and to add functions that are important to you. The installation, update and uninstallation is done comfortably by mouse click via the administration interface without manual file changes.


Privacy Policy

The increased regulation of websites over the years has not spared forums. The privacy policy we include covers the standard configuration of the software, was created according to the requirements of the GDPR and thus provides a solid basis.

Two-click Solution for External Content

A direct integration of content from external websites, for example embedded videos, automatically causes a data transmission (IP address, cookies) to the remote server. To protect privacy, external content is loaded only after explicit consent of the user.

Export of User Data According to Art. 20 GDPR

Article 20 of the GDPR stipulates that a user is provided with information on request about what data you have stored about this user. The integrated data export generates a list of this data in a machine-readable format at the push of a button.

Local Google Fonts

An individual appearance of your site does not only consist of colors and shapes, but can also include a customized font that fits perfectly into the overall picture. You can choose from all "Google Fonts" fonts that are then delivered from your site in a privacy-compliant manner.



The official plugin-store is the main source for plugins and styles. All files offered there are checked for typical errors and security issues by a staff member before being published, also any purchases there are processed by WoltLab.


We support the migration of your data from a wide range of typical forum software, with which all important content can be transferred comfortably and reliably. We are happy to realize migration from self-developed or less known forum software for you.

Custom Development

The requirements for a forum are not only limited to the visual presentation, with the help of our sophisticated plugin system we can customize and extend the software according to your wishes. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a non-binding offer.