WoltLab Suite Plans & Pricing

Managed Hosting

Use WoltLab Cloud and we'll handle your hosting, site maintenance and upgrades.

You don't want to take care of the technical aspects yourself or are tired of slow web hosting with poor support? With WoltLab Cloud we'll handle the hosting of your community. Within a few minutes you get a fully functional and customizable WoltLab Suite with all important features, while we take care of the technical aspects and provide a fast and powerful infrastructure. In case of any questions or problems, our competent support team will have you covered.

from EUR 29.95
Price per month
  • All WoltLab Apps included, no license fees
  • Upgrades are carried out by WoltLab
  • GDPR compliant hosting in Germany
  • Prioritized support by ticket
  • Bring your own domain
  • Daily backups

Software License

Run on your own webspace or server

You are familiar with the technical aspects and already have a suitable infrastructure? Purchase the software license for operation of WoltLab Suite on your own webspace or server.

from EUR 109.99
one-time payment
  • Deploy the software on your own systems
  • Choose which apps you need
  • Includes updates and support for one year

What are the advantages of the managed hosting?

  1. All Apps Included
    The versatile apps of WoltLab Suite are included with all plans, benefit from our well proven solutions for forums, images, events, files, downloads and blogs. Rounded off by the integrated CMS and article system.
  2. Full Technical Support
    Focus entirely on your community, we will carry out all maintenance work and updates for you. No previous technical knowledge is required to set up or operate the software.
  3. Plugins and Styles from the Plugin-Store
    Enhance your site with new features with just a few clicks and customize the appearance to your liking. The official WoltLab Plugin-Store offers a wide range of reviewed extensions and styles.
  4. Optimized and Powerful Infrastructure
    Built on top of perfectly tailored software stacks and custom made servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise using 2nd generation scalable Intel Xeon Gold processors.
  5. Daily Backups
    We keep your data safe at all times, all daily backups are fully encrypted and stored on a dedicated system, available to restore your installation at any time. You can always request a copy of your data for download.
  6. SSL/TLS Encryption and Bring Your Own Domain
    All pages of your community are served via encrypted connections with a dedicated SSL/TLS certificate for your site. You can bring your own domain at no extra cost.
We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to identify the most suitable solution for your project. We can advise you both on creating new communities and migrating existing sites.

* In accordance with Directive 2006/112/EC, as amended, prices may vary according to the country of residence of the customer. The prices in the offers are inclusive of VAT applicable in Germany.