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    In profiles, it would be nice to have smilies available to use and the ability to post pictures too.

    This is a common request I get

  • With permissions then, because i don't like images/videos on the wall :)

    I'm OK with that (having a permission setting). I can sympathies that this would be OK for 1/2 of everyone and the other 1/2 would want to turn it off.

  • Smileys are supported in comments even if there is no "Smileys" tab as in the full editor.

    Yes, but I cannot have bold text for example. I'd like to be able to do so to highlight things from time to time. For example, I hate sending PM's (DM's), so I often write on people's profile post.

  • +1

    I don't use the wall on my forum but I think it is a good suggestion for other communities. Obviously every bbcode should have its permissions.

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