Unread blog post

  • There currently is an unread threads and unread post for the forums, but we really do need an unread blog post

    ^ Because this tells me there are blogs I have not read, but it does not tell me which ones I maybe missing out on. With that said, we could also use a "mark all blogs as read" option as well

    (Posting this here because I want the future version of Woltlab Blogs to be better, but am not yet a customer and so cannot yet post suggestion.)

  • It is on the blog index, Follow the link and you'll get the image Andrea has shown.


    If you mean "unread articles", then I would like to report a bug, because it says there are none, but still the navigation tab reads 1

    I've seen this happen before, too. Might be an article in another language. But either way, it should disappear when you hit "mark all as read".

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