Hi everyone

  • I have a question!
    Which one is better as a free board/forum?

    Burning Board® Lite™


    Thankn you :)

  • I think if you ask in a woltlab forum everyone will say: The Burning Board Lite ;) But in fact they are both free, why don't you just try it?

    Cacator cave malum! Aut si contempseris, habeas Jovem iratum!

  • I like this one Burning Board and i want to use this but i cannot find instructions of how to install this. Does anyone website with instructions and how to install and configure Burning Board in english?


  • Personally Woltlab is better, just a bit hard to get used to than other free forum softwares. The only issue currently is that the install times out on most free web hosts, but there is a way to get around this :)

  • phpBB is better than BB Lite, but Burning Board 3 is better than phpBB.

    ;( i don't agree, i find phpbb to out of date and even the free version of this mighty software just feels better

  • Burning Board® Lite is a good and nice option to host your forum simple and lots of good qualities to handle your forum like save from hacker and security wise i prefer to Burning Board...

  • When is the last time Burning Board Lite was updated? phpBB 3 development is slow, but it's active. I would likely choose that over Lite, unless it has been updated recently.

    Although, in the long run, this software is only $89, I'd just buy this and use that...

    Have a good day!

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