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  • Greetings,

    since a major update for my community's forum software would break current website integration and we would have to re-do that anyway, we are currently looking into whether using alternate software would be feasable. We like what WBB has to offer, including the possibilty for adding the Filebase.

    The existing forums are split into three distinct parts, each also coloured/skinned distinctly to make it clear to the user in which part he is. Each part should feature a seperate board list with all the boards belonging to that part. I expect modifications or plugins would be required, but is this something that could be done?

    Addtionally I would like to know whether it is possible to completely hide the member list from everyone but administrators.

    Thank you.

  • Hey @Ascarion,

    you could set up the desired forums to use a special style, creating the visual impression of having separate forums. I could suggest a few things you could do to push this even further, e.g. simulating separate board lists, but at the end of the day it will never be perfect or even close to it. All features are build with permissions in mind, but not with logical separations, hence creating highly inconsistent data being displayed that you could only avoid if you disable a major amount of features.

    You are basically left with two choices:

    • Use styles and some minor tinkering to create visual separations, but it'll still be obvious this is just one forum
    • Go with three separate forums

    If you really need these sections to be separated, I would suggest going with option 2, it is clean and does the job just fine. Option 1 can work to some extent, but could lead to quite some frustration as it is simply not designed to do this.

    You can control the accessibility of the members list per user group, restricting it to any groups you want.

  • Hey Alexander, thank you for your reply. I was on vacation, thus the late follow-up.

    If we were to go with three seperate forums, is it possible to run those under the same Community Framework?

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