WoltLab Cloud EasyAds 5.5.3

A professional advertisement management system

With EasyAds it is possible to position advertisements in a wide variety of places.

The functions include:

  • Customer management (with view counter, with click counter, automatic shutdown when reaching certain limits or by time (optional), with notification (both - optional - customer and specified team members)
    • Statistics with FlotChart in ACP (per customer) or frontend
    • Possibility to deactivate the extensive statistics
  • Banner management (with view counter, with click counter, automatic deactivation when reaching certain limits or after time (optional), with notification (both - optional - customer and specified team members, various specifications possible: link+path to the image, own HTML code or also Flash banner)
    • Statistics with FlotChart in ACP (customer management) or frontend
  • Many predefined embedding places (forum listing (between categories), topic listing (between topics in the table), topic (between single posts); many plugins integrated (Blog, Filebase, Infinite Filebase, EasyLink); of course free selectable places are possible! Many additional options complete the function: Use banner only once per page (for example in a topic); after x posts; only at the end of the post page; and much more.
  • Filter: by time (from-to, daily, weekdays), groups (only guests...?), styles

    • Period (date from-to) can now be narrowed down - ideal for contests!
    • Filtering by device (desktop, mobile)
  • Logbook (each customer or EasyAds moderators)
  • In addition, PageFilter (for global embedding places like header, footer, sidebar,...) can be specified, single ObjectIDs (for example only in forum X for specific ad placement)
  • Many options like AdBlocker check, click block, ...
  • Code blocks globally and per banner definable (head area, body start and end)
  • InText-Advertising: Found terms/synonyms are automatically detected and marked when the page is called. Of course, this function can be activated separately for each application (forum, blog, ...)!

Instructions can be found here


  • Version 5.5.3

    Small bug fixes

  • Version 5.5.2

    Small bugfixes

  • Version 5.5.1

    • Small bugfixes
    • Improvement when updating from version 3.1.1 pl 1
  • Version 5.5.0


  • Kann ich irgendwo festlegen das meine AdSense Werbung nur in ein bestimmten Bereich angezeigt würd ?

    • Ja kannst du, bei den Integrationen kannst du dies in bestimmter weise definieren.

      Sofern es die ausgewählten Events nicht auch noch in anderen Bereichen gibt.

    • Ok, Dankeschön gibt es dafür eine Anleitung ? Ist wohl etwas umfangreicher.

    • Ja, dazu gibt es eine Kurzanleitung

      EasyAds - WBB-Elite.de
      Ein professionelles Werbemanagement-System

      Sollte die nicht ausreichen, gerne nachfragen :)

  • Wow der erste Baustein einer Megaaufgabe fertig! Glückwunsch!

    Thanks 1
  • Wow, verstehe ich das richtig, dass man sogar Pro User, andere Werbung schalten kann?

    • Pro Benutzergruppe, ja. Nicht direkt Benutzer.

      Thanks 1

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