WoltLab Cloud Knowledge Base 5.5 5.5.0

This plugin creates a Knowledge Base

With the knowledge base you can create a collection of instructions or FAQs. You determine for what the system should be used. With a fine-grained authorization system, ACL permissions can also be used to approve individual categories only for certain users or user groups.

With the knowledge base you can create up to three category levels.

New knowledge articles can always be created in one or more languages. You decide which users/user groups are allowed to create new knowledge articles in which categories, and you can also choose to have them moderated.

Functions like creating reactions or comments complete the system.

Due to the setting options, the system is very customizable.



Support is available directly through our Ticket System on beMananas.com

  • Version 5.5.0


    • [NEW FEATURE] Boxes can now be displayed in 'Knowledge Articles' and 'Knowledge Articles List' only in certain categories
    • [NEW FEATURE] Support for keywords
    • [IMPROVE] Modernizations and adjustments for WSC 5.5

    Version 5.5.0 compatibility

    • WSC 5.5

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