WoltLab Cloud PDF Embed 5.6.1

Renders uploaded and included PDF files (attachments and media files).

This extension for WoltLab Suite 5.3 and newer allows you to embed PDF files (attachments and media files) directly into your content (e.g. articles or forum posts). Nothing changes for you in terms of handling, i.e. you insert the PDF files into your content as before and the extension does the rest.

For this purpose, all available options are used to enable the integration at any time and in any browser. In addition, Mozilla's integrated PDF.js library can help you display PDF files even in browsers or on devices that do not actually offer native support for PDF files (e.g. Android). If the integration of PDF files is not possible despite all efforts, the link behaves normally and leads directly to the PDF file.

The extension options allow you to specify how or when PDF files should be displayed: Directly on page load, or only after clicking on the link. In addition, you can also specify in the settings whether PDF.js should be used as a fallback or not.

What can this extension not do?

This extension is not designed for inconsistent display, i.e. it is not possible or not intended to change the display for individual PDF files with this extension. Included PDF files are displayed consistently across the entire WoltLab Suite by default.

Furthermore, it is not possible or intended to include external PDF files, because this is prevented by most servers and browsers.


You can find a demo on the website linked above.

  • Version 5.6.1

    - PDF.js updated to 3.1.81

    - Added PDF icon to link

  • Version 5.5.2

    - Minor bug fixes and improvements

    - Lazy loading for generated iframes (if supported by the browser)

  • Version 5.5.1

    - Fixed a bug that caused PDF attachments to be delivered incorrectly under certain circumstances.

    - Fixed a bug that caused PDF media to be delivered incorrectly under certain circumstances.

    - MetaCode templates optimized

    - Improved security when delivering PDF files

  • Version 5.5.0

    - PDF.js updated to 2.16.105

    - Updated PDFObject to 2.2.8

    - Minor code optimizations

  • Version 5.4.0

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