WoltLab Cloud Google One Tap 2.2.0

Simplify and double registrations with the Google One Tap integration.

This plugin integrates Google One Tap into WoltLab, which allows registering with a few clicks and without entering any data. Additionally, registered users are logged in automatically or with just one click. The only requirement for this is that the user is logged into Google.

If the user is not logged into Google, the login will fall back to the browser's password manager as long as the Credential Manager API is supported by the browser.

  • Increased registration rate
  • Simplified sign-up and sign-in
  • Automatic sign in with Google Accounts and with saved user accounts from the browser password manager
  • Provides the best possible compatibility by extending the existing Google authentication from WoltLab

Case Studies

We have been using the plugin ourselves for a long time and have noticed a very increased registration rate.

Below are statistics of the change in total users and of that the number of Google users.


As you can see, the number of new users (yellow line) increases significantly due to Google registrations (blue line).

More case studies can be found here: https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/case-studies.

Other Features and Things to Know

  • With the Google One Tap mobile layout, the cookie notice is moved below the page title so that it is not obscured.
  • On the registration page, an optional notice is displayed if a user with the same IP is already registered. (Avoids unintentional duplicate registrations).
  • Google One Tap is displayed for guests on all pages that are allowed to be indexed and on the missing permission page.
  • A list of browsers and platforms supported by Google One Tap can be found at https://developers.google.com/…guides/supported-browsers.


After the plugin has been installed, "Google Client ID" and "Google Client Secret" must be filled in under Configuration -> Users -> Registration -> Third-Party Authentication. If an ID is already entered here, it should be checked if the OAuth Consent Screen is configured for it. Hereby, the plugin is already activated and usable. To make sure that the OAuth was set up correctly, the register via Google One Tap should be tested once.

A guide to create the required information and configure the OAuth Consent Screen can be found here: https://developers.google.com/…s/get-google-api-clientid


The plugin does not store any additional data, and users who have registered via Google One Tap can simply log in manually through WoltLab's Google Authentication. Uninstalling therefore does not prevent users from logging in.

Privacy Notice

It loads the Google API JavaScript client for guests on all pages via https://accounts.google.com/gsi/client.


  • Version 2.2.0

    Compatibility update for WoltLab 5.5.

  • Version 2.1.2

    • Added dynamic expanding of the footer, prevents the links in the footer from being only visible by closing the prompt.
  • Version 2.1.1


  • Any plans for 5.5 compatibility?

    Like 1
    • Yes, but it in around 2 weeks.

      Like 2
    • Update for 5.5 is available now.

      Thanks 1
  • Hallo, kann mir jemand bei der Einrichtung helfen ?

    • Unter "Installation" wird alles erklärt.

  • Ein Problem, das ich mobil sehe: das Overlay überdeckt so ziemlich den gesamten Footer. Das ist insbesondere bezüglich des Zugriffs von Impressum und Datenschutzerklärung problematisch, weil diese Links immer zugänglich sein müssen, auch ohne erst mit anderen Bereichen der Website zu interagieren.

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    • Dies passiert durch den Cookie Hinweis von WoltLab normalerweise auch schon und maximal zwei Klicks sind in der Regel akzeptabel.

      Zur Sicherheit hat die kommende 2.1.2 Version ein dynamisches Expandieren des Footers.

  • Gibt's irgendwo eine Demo? Ich für meinen Teil kenne das System zwar, aber für potentielle Kunden wäre eine Demo durchaus sinnvoll.

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    • Es gibt im Moment keine direkte Demo, aber es kann in einem unseren live Foren angeschaut und ausprobiert werden, z.B. auf https://trueadventure.de/forum/

    • Geht bei mir nicht am Iphone

    • @Quatschecke siehe https://developers.google.com/…guides/supported-browsers (zweite Tabelle) für eine Übersicht der unterstützten Browser.

    • Also ist Google One Tap quasi mit IOS nicht kompatibel?

      Weil es steht dort, dass Mit Google anmelden kompatibel mit IOS ist, aber Google One Tap nicht.

    • Ja, bei iOS scheint es mit allen Browsern nicht unterstützt zu sein, aber zur Bestätigung kannst du es selbst testen. Im Chrome Browser in Google angemeldet sein und das oben verlinkte Forum in Chrome öffnen.

      "Mit Google anmelden" ist der Drittanbieter Button im Anmeldungs-Fenster.

  • Finally Google One Tap arrives on WoltLab

    Extremely straight forward to setup, as long as you have an oAuth for Google setup and consent screening done. Now, it makes it extremely easier for anyone who uses a Google account to register/sign in with a single click of a button (all information is prefilled if they proceed).

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