WoltLab Cloud VieCode Shop: Invoice Number Converter 8.0.5

Converts new invoice numbers to old legacy schema.

Due to an error in the update from version 7.2.x, the invoice numbering system was unintentionally changed. As a result, the first invoice issued in version 8.0 will again start with R22-000001. This not only affects accounting, but also the functionality of the store, as it may happen that invoice numbers are used twice. This is actively prevented by the store, but leads to the fact that no new invoices are issued. This bug only affects customers who have upgraded from version 7.2 and use the default setting for generating invoice numbers. We have written a plugin that allows affected customers to correct the incorrectly issued invoices.

The plugin automatically detects if the installation is affected by the error. Invoices issued incorrectly are listed before correction and must be actively confirmed. Please make sure to check if the listed orders are affected and no affected invoice is missing. Afterwards, the correction can be carried out. This step can be performed only once and cannot be undone. After the conversion, the operator can download appropriate cancellation invoices. Customers will not be informed automatically. After conversion and download of cancellation invoices, the plugin can be uninstalled again.

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  • Version 8.0.5

    WoltLab Suite 5.4