WoltLab Cloud VieCode Marketplace 2.3.3

The marketplace for your community!


The marktplace can be operated in WSC 5.4 or higher. A separate version exists for older WSC installations. Existing customers can upgrade to the current version at a discounted price (~17,50€).


New Features (Version 2.3)

New design for entries and preview graphics

We have greatly modernized the overview page. The focus was especially on the preview graphics, which are very important for the user, but were displayed much too small in the old version.

The entries now have the classic WSC design with preview graphics as banners. All important information has been placed in the object. The right corner gives a quick overview of the type and status of the entry.

The reduced view, which is used e.g. in the slider and on other pages, follows the same design line. Details are displayed via popup.

The preview graphic is automatically calculated by the system to provide all entries with an appropriate graphic:

  1. There is now an explicit input field during entry creation where a preview graphic can be uploaded. This input can be made mandatory for the user in the settings.
  2. If no preview graphic is selected, the first file attachment will be used automatically (as in the previous versions).
  3. If no file attachment is available, a preview graphic uploaded by the administrator will be selected based on the type of the entry.
  4. If no graphic is available, the default banner from the style will be used.

New type: Give away

There is now another type of entry: I give away. The type automatically removes the price or consideration from the entry. Of course, the transactions can be valued by the participants as usual. The type can be disabled in the ACP.

Setting to hide the category on the home page

There is now a setting through which the categories on the home page can be hidden.

Limit the number of entries for user groups

The number of active entries a user can create can now be limited via the user groups. This allows e.g. special limits, which can be removed with a premium membership. If a user with exceeded limit wants to create an entry, a corresponding error message is displayed.

Restrict write permissions at category level

Until now it was not possible to restrict write permissions for categories. This made it possible for the user to create entries in main categories, for example. This can now be restricted individually for each category.

Marketplace links via Rich Embeds

The links to marketplace entries in other applications (e.g. forum) are now displayed in Rich Embeds design.

Terms of use via user mass editing

The terms of use can now be reset via user bulk editing.

Input fields depending on categories

Input fields can now be displayed depending on the selected category. This allows more complex input fields, which are tailored exactly to the category.

Recycle bin

Entries are now not deleted immediately, but can be put into a recycle bin, which can be emptied automatically after a certain time.

Support of labels

Entries can now be provided with labels. Among other things, these are also dependent on the selected category.

Notification of changes by moderator

Users are now optionally notified when a moderator has made changes to the entry.


To support a proper sales process, the marketplace introduces a new transaction system. Each user can submit offers to each entry and show their interest in the article. Your users can either accept the given price or create a counter offer. Unauthorized offers can be overwritten or revised at any time by the user.

If another user is interested in the item, the offerer automatically receives a message about the new offer. You can manage incoming offers via your own interface. If an offer is accepted, the entry is automatically marked as "completed" and no other offers can be sent. Unanswered requests are automatically rejected by the system.

Geolocation, maps and area search

It is often useful to search for entries within a specific area (for example, if your users want to pick up the items offered personally). Each entry can therefore be assigned (optionally) to an address, which is then displayed graphically on a map (Google Maps). To keep the overview, nearby entries are grouped.

In order to simplify the circular search, a function has been integrated which determines the current location of the user (if he so wishes). Based on various factors, the location can be determined to a few meters (even without a built-in GPS transmitter). This information can be used for the circular search. The user is therefore not forced to enter their own location.

Life-cycle management of entries

The marketplace supports complex transactions of entries: this starts with the creation and ends with the sale of an entry. Depending on the state of an entry, the marketplace automatically provides other options and tools.

Once an entry has been created, the marketplace automatically recognizes whether the new entry is immediately available or has to be checked by a moderator. This is controlled by the user group rights and individual rights of the respective category. If an entry has to be checked by a moderator, the moderators are automatically notified of the new entry. Once the entry has been confirmed by a moderator, the user receives a message that his entry is now available to all users.

Each entry can be defined (optionally) with a validity period. You can decide whether you want to activate this function and how long an entry is allowed. If an entry is provided with a validity date, the entry is only valid until this date. If no prospective buyer is found until the date of validity, the entry will be automatically closed and no offers will be sent.

If an interested person is found for the article, the user can finally mark the entry as completed, in order to receive no further offers. The set item is sold with it and the entry is archived.

Custom fields

A marketplace software can be difficult to adapt to your needs and your community. A car community will need a different marketplace than a game community. With static input fields it is difficult to meet the different needs. For this reason, we have created the possibility of individualized input fields at the marketplace. You can determine which input fields are available, which properties they have, and who has access to them. For a better overview, input fields can be grouped into one category.

Each input field has a specific type. The appropriate input field and format are selected according to the type. For better customization, a special expert mode can be activated, with more options available for each input field: Validation Patterns (Regex), PHP Output Class, and more!


The most important thing in a marketplace is the entries. In order to avoid the overview, entries can be classified into categories. The active category displays all entries that are in the current category or in one of their subcategories (eg the "Auto" category is active, the entries are also shown in the "Used cars" subcategory). The categories serve, so to speak, as an individualizable filter.

You can determine whether each entry is allowed in more than one category, or whether an entry must be assigned to exactly one category. Depending on your area of application, the marketplace adapts to your needs!

Terms of use

You can create terms of use for the marketplace for legal protection. These must be compulsorily accepted by your users and guests before the market place can be entered and used. The terms of use can be written in several languages and displayed in the user's language.


Never lose track of the results! The market place is seamlessly integrated into the search for the WSC and allows an efficient search even in larger forums. The search, of course, takes into account all permissions and language settings, i. Your users will only find the entries to which they have access.


In order to have better control over the entries, the marketplace offers extensive moderation functions. You can determine which functions you want to use. The moderation functions can even be restricted to categories.

In addition to the manual check by a moderator, the marketplace also supports the possibility of reporting entries. If your user is aware of an entry that violates any rules, it can be reported to a moderator quickly. The moderator then has extensive possibilities to deal with the message.

In addition to general moderation, the market square also offers a fast-paced function. The moderator is displayed with a special icon for each entry which provides access to the most important functions. With this function, the most important tasks can be done quickly.


Often, descriptions of discontinued articles are unclear. In order to avoid tedious and redundant communication via private messages or e-mail, a comment function was integrated into the marketplace. Users can leave questions or comments to which the author of the entry (or other members of your community) can respond and respond. This saves many questions, which may be asked several times by different users to the creator.


Marketplaces live by the trust of the users. The bigger the community, the more likely it is that other people are trying to cheat your users. The evaluation system provides relief. All transactions can be evaluated from both sides, i. both the buyer and the seller can make a valuation. The valuation basically includes a free text. In addition, permanent evaluation criteria can be defined. There are three types: 5 stars, positive / negative and positive / negative / neutral. For a better overview, this is also displayed directly next to each offer of the user as well as in the user profile. The criteria can be adapted individually to your community.

In the event of a conflict, of course, all evaluations can be moderated. The evaluation system was fully integrated into the moderation.

For each assessment, the opposing party can always be given a position to clarify possible misunderstandings.

WSC integration

We have used all the possibilities of the WoltLab Suite to be able to integrate the market place as best as possible. The marketplace is an application that is installed in the WSC. The wide interfaces of the marketplace cover important areas of the WSC: categories, group rights, BBCodes, clipboard actions, moderation, notifications, search, user profile, etc.

During the development, it was particularly important for us to keep the WSC standard as good as possible. This is the only way to ensure that the user interface optimally adapts to the style of your forum and integrates perfectly.

What you get

  • Marketplace package (each WSC installation requires a separate license)
    • Available translations: de, en
  • Free bugfixes and updates for version 2.3.x
  • Access to our support community (Activation)

System requirements

  • User Conversation System 5.4 or higher

The system requirements are automatically fulfilled if at least a commercial product of WoltLab (Burning Board, Blog, Gallery or Filebase) is installed.

Further Information

License: https://www.viecode.com/license/

  • Der Marktplatz findet bei mir https://www.lotus-forum.de/WBB/ in einer Rubrik statt. Wenn ich nun das Plugin nutze, würde ich den aktuellen irgendwann auf read only setzen. Dait habe ich einen kleinen Bauchschmerz und finde es unschön. Wenn irgendwann, aus welchen Grunden auch immer, das Plugin nicht weiter entwickelt wird, sieht es umgekehrt aus. Ich möchte nicht schwarz malen und finde das Plugin ausgesprochen schön. Vielleicht bin ich etwas dämagigisch und sehe das falsch. ;)


    • Was willst du konkret wissen? Ja, man kann über das Berechtigungssystem den Marktplatz auf read only stellen. Ob der Marktplatz ohne Anpassungen auch im WSC 9 funktioniert? Wahrscheinlich nicht. Ich arbeite seit über 17 Jahren als Entwickler für WoltLab Systeme. Ich habe nicht vor zu verschwinden, aber das wird dir niemand beantworten können, was in x Jahren ist.

  • Hallo,

    leider gibt es trotz Meldung des Fehlers - Call to a member function getThumbnailLink() on null - vor Monaten bis heute kein Update deswegen. Täglich die gleichen Fehlermeldungen seit 4 Monaten zu bekommen nervt langsam.

    • Hallo. Es tut mir Leid, dass wir diesmal für das Update so lange brauchen. Ich bin beruflich und privat komplett ausgelastet und das Shop 8.0 was wesentlich mehr Aufwand als initial gedacht. Ich werde versuchen zeitnah zumindest einen Workaround im Supportforum zu veröffentlichen.

      Edit: Ich habe einen Workaround bzw. Anleitung zum manuellen Fix im Supportforum veröffentlicht.

  • Habe ein kleines Problem (siehe Bild)

    Was muss ich tuen?


    • Da fehlt anscheinend eine Sprachvariable. Am besten meldest du den Fehler bei uns im Supportforum, damit wir es besser in die nächste Version einplanen können. Der Kommentarbereich eigentlich sich leider nur sehr ungenügend für effektiven Support und die Unterstützung bei Fehlern.

  • Hi, gibt es die BrandingFree hier nicht zu kaufen? Finde nichts!

  • Die Möglichkeit die Hauptkategorie zu Sperren, also dass nur in die (Unter-)Kategorien Angebote erstellt werden können, gibt es nicht irgendwo versteckt oder?

    • Ja, du kannst die Schreibrechte einfach für die Benutzergruppe „Jeder“ in der Kategorie-Einstellung entziehen.

  • Hallo.

    Kann man die Unterkategorien einklappen, so das auf der Startseite nur die Hauptkategorien sichtbar sind?

    Wird bei vielen Kategorien und Unterkategorien doch sehr unübersichtlich.


    D. Wagner

    • Nein, es gibt dafür keine eigene Einstellung. Man könnte versuchen mittels Hauptkategorie die Übersicht zu verbessern. Die Unter-UnterKategorien werden dadurch sehr klein und nebeneinander dargestellt. Ansonsten könnte man es zur Not auch per Templateänderung im Template categoryNodeList entsprechend ändern (Anmerkung: für individuelle Code-Anpassungen können wir aber keinen Support geben).

  • Klasse Funktionen

    Guten Abend,

    ich würde sagen dieses Plugin ist die optimale Lösung für alle Admins die ihren Mitgliedern eine Plattform für Angebote bieten möchten, ohne die User dabei mit einer vollwertigen Shop-Komponente zu überfordern. Was man als Admin für seine Community braucht, ist immer Relativ. Dieses Plugin schließt die Lücke Zwischen: Shop <--> Kein Shop :/

    Top Support und netter Kontakt.


  • ​Richtig toll. Genau das, was ich gesucht habe!!

    Mit dem Viecode Marktplatz kann man seinen Besuchern eine tolle Möglichkeit geben, ihre Kleinanzeigen aufzugeben bzw. nach tollen Angeboten zu stöbern. Ich bin wirklich sehr begeistert. Und wenn der Marktplatz einmal komplett eingerichtet ist (was wirklich ganz easy funktioniert) bereichtert er die Website um eine wirklich tolle Funktion! Die Benutzer werden es einem danken. :):thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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