WoltLab Cloud Streaming Partner (YouTube) 1.1.0

This product requires the base product Streaming-Partner (Basic package).

Expand your streaming partners to include the YouTube platform and promote your YouTube streamers on your homepage.


  1. Go to Resource Management in Google Cloud Platform
  2. Click on Create project
  3. Give the project a name and click Create.
  4. Wait until the project is created and go to the dashboard of your project
  5. If the wrong project is selected, you can change the selection at the top left (to the right of the logo).
  6. Now click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and click on APIs and Services[tt].
  7. Now click on [tt]Enable APIs and services.
  8. Type youtube data api v3 in the search and press enter.
  9. Click on YouTube Data API v3 and click on Activate.
  10. Go to Credentials for the YouTube Data API.
  11. Click Create credentials and then click OAuth client ID.
  12. If it is still necessary to configure the consent screen, click the appropriate button and select External and enter the necessary information. Then proceed to point 10.
  13. Select Web application as the application type and give the application a name.
  14. Click Add URI at "Authorized forwarding URIs". You can find the URI in ACP -> Configuration -> Streaming Partners -> Platforms -> In the description of the YouTube Client ID field.
  15. Now copy the displayed client ID and client key.
  16. Go to ACP -> Configuration -> Streaming Partners -> Platforms and check YouTube.
  17. Enter the copied client ID and client key in the area and click Submit.
  18. Now go to the settings of your consent screen and click on Publish application.


  • the game and status filters are ignored on YouTube because the API does not return this information
  • if the Google App is not verified, a maximum of 100 streamers can be added

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You must have purchased and installed the following plugin:


Support is only available in the support forum or the discord.

What happens after the purchase?

Create a user account on hanashi.dev. In your settings, go to Activate purchases. And enter your API information from the API Access page. Now click Submit. You have now activated access to the support forum.

  • Version 1.1.0

    • CHANGE: Adjustments to streaming partners 2.1.0

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