Minecraft verification 2.1.2

This file is no longer available for purchase.

User verification with their own Minecraft account


In order to be able to use the plugin, the corresponding Minecraft plugin is absolutely necessary.

Once you've purchased the plugin here, the plugins for Bukkit / Spigot and BungeeCord can be downloaded by entering your WoltlabID and API key at

Download Minecraft - Fabihome Support

With this extension, your members can verify with their Minecraft account.

To be able to verify, you need to connect to the Minecraft server to get a verification code.

This is done with the command /verify. You automatically receive a 6-digit code.

This 6-digit code must be typed together with the Minecraft name in the form.


  • Verification with Minecraft
  • Minecraft name as username in the forum
  • Automatic group assignment if verified


  • Minecraft server
    • Install the Bukkit or BungeeCord plugin on the Minecraft server
    • Restart the Minecraft server. It creates in the folder WoltlabSync a mysql.yml
    • Enter your MySql data into this file (host, port, user, password and database name), preferably those of your Minecraft database
    • Restart the Minecraft server again.

  • Woltlab Suite
    • Install the Minecraft plugin
    • Enter the MySQL data in the ACP - Configuration - Minecraft Database .

If url rewrit is activated, a corresponding entry must be made in the [tt] .htaccess [/ tt] or in the Nginx Config

The plugin provides an API for an external database connection, so it would also be possible to integrate statistics, ranks, banned players and other from the Minecraft server into the Woltlab suite.



  • Version 2.1.2

    New: Verifications can now be removed

    (ACP - Users -> Edit

  • Version 2.1.1

    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to access the verification page even though you were not logged in
    • Both Minecraft plugins (Bungeecord & Bukkit/Spigot) now provide a config.yml where you can customize the message in the chat

    The updated version of both Minecraft plugins can be downloaded from https://fabihome.de/download-minecraft-files/

  • Version 2.1.0

    Compatibility Update 5.2

  • Version 2.0.1 Pl 2

    - Missing database data caused an error during registration

  • Version 2.0.1 Pl 1


  • Funktioniert nur ein Rechtschreibfehler enthalten


    das Plugin funktioniert einwandfrei und ist für den Preis einfach unschlagbar.

    Ich kann es wirklich jedem Server empfehlen.

    Auf jeden Fall kaufen! Andere Plugins von dem Entwickler sind auch einfach super.

    Liebe Grüße

  • Soweit ganz gut

    Soweit ganz gut.

    Die Verifizierung funktioniert.

    Leider sind sämtliche Nachrichten nicht konfigurierbar.

    Außerdem ist nirgendwo erklärt, wie die "automatische Gruppenzuweisung" funktioniert.

  • Tolles Plugin funktioniert ohne Probleme! Allerdings wäre eine Synchronisation der Ränge echt toll!


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