• Hello Everyone :)

    Is there anyone on this Woltlab Forum (as a member or visitor) who has experience in making Logos for Forums?

    With previous forums I hired it done through Fiverr or Upwork.

    I also thought about purchasing Logo Software - like this one for example: Logo Design Studio Pro by Software CW.

    Hiring someone from Fiverr is not always a pleasant or worth-while experience. Same goes for Upwork.

    Purchasing Logo Software comes out to about the same cost as hiring someone from Fiverr or Upwork - with Upwork somewhat more expensive.

    However, it requires taking the time to learn how to use the software; and with Software CW, it may be intensive and very time consuming.

    So ........... is there anyone on here that would be interested in making a Logo for my forum?

    I can pay thru PayPal.

    Replies appreciated - thanks!

    Ruff Seas

  • Anyway, continuing ......

    I still need a logo designed for my current forum;

    so if there is anyone "out there" who reads this and knows how to design logos, please let me know!

    In case anyone is wondering why I highlighted: 'and knows how to design logos'; I just went through an experience with a

    Fiverr logo designer which was a waste of time - not to mention money (hopefully I will get a refund / credit back to my credit card).

    In the last eight years or so I have had several logos designed for my forums - and always made sure the logo was set up in PNG.

    I have never seen a logo set up in PNG file type that was anything but clear and sharp ....... and that was just for "starters" ....

    until this recent experience!

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