• The demo is often and happily used to get an impression of the software or to try out new versions in advance. However, some features such as the package servers were not available and direct data transfer to the WoltLab Cloud was also not possible. Some users were also downright overwhelmed by the abundance of available feature, as all apps were pre-installed by default.

    As of today, a completely renewed system for demos is in use, which is technically based on the WoltLab Cloud and takes advantage of some of its benefits.

    Individual Selection of Apps

    When requesting a demo, there is an option to select the WoltLab Apps to be installed. We have decided that the Forum will always be installed by default, as this covers the standard case of the demo.

    Transferring Data to the WoltLab Cloud

    All contents of the demo can be transferred to WoltLab Cloud, this explicitly includes all configuration settings, styles, users and forums. The migration of the data is carried out directly by WoltLab.

    Live Update of Threads and Notifications

    The live update of threads and notifications, newly introduced with WoltLab Suite 5.5, is fully available to try out in the demo.

    Access to the Official Package Servers

    Convenient installation of free plugins and free styles from the plugin store, also performing updates is possible through it.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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