WoltLab Cloud: Updated Plans and New Extra Services

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    Since the launch of WoltLab Cloud in Q1 2020, we have had the pleasure of successfully accompanying many existing and new customer projects. Our platform has proven to be extremely reliable and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Conversations with numerous customers have revealed a strong demand for additional services, which we will offer as standard with our new and revised plans.

    Extra Services and Customizable Conditions

    One new feature is the support of WebAuthn (Professional and higher) for convenient and secure multi-factor authentication based on the integrated functions of the browser or hardware tokens. The read access to the database (Business and higher) allows individual queries to be executed and used for advanced statistical evaluations.

    For the official ticket support, we now offer the possibility for additional accounts (Professional and above), which can be used to authorize additional user accounts. These additional account authorizations are directly connected to the WoltLab Cloud instance, but have no access to the main account or other payment information. For particularly business-critical communities, we now offer live support via Slack Connect (Enterprise and above) as standard.

    Generic error pages from the web server can now be more strongly individualized (from Business), for example with your own logo and customized texts. In addition, we commit to a higher guaranteed minimum availability on a monthly average (from Business) as standard; a higher value can also be agreed upon on request (from Enterprise).

    For the plan "WoltLab Cloud Professional" we now offer the agreement of individual limits on request, for example additional storage space or page views.

    New Plans

    Plan Storage Space Page Requests Pricing
    Starter 15,000 MB 600,000 / month from EUR 35.95 / month
    Professional 60,000 MB 2,500,000 / month from EUR 71.95 / month
    Business 125,000 MB 5,000,000 / month from EUR 224.95 / month
    Enterprise Custom, up to 8 TB Custom Contact Sales

    All prices include the value added tax applicable for Germany.

    ➡️ Details & Pricing of the WoltLab Cloud

    Changes for Existing Customers

    There are no changes for existing customers.

    The contractually agreed conditions remain unchanged and the price also remains unchanged. A switch to the new plans can be made on request.

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    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

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