Update: WoltLab Suite 5.3.10

  • We have just released new versions of our products:

    • WoltLab Suite 5.3.10

    Stability releases (also known as "minor releases") aim to solve existing problems in the current version. Like every stability release, they do not introduce new features; It is strongly recommended to apply these updates.

    Upgrading to WoltLab Suite 5.4


    This version introduces a new opt-in toggle to upgrade WoltLab Suite 5.3 to WoltLab Suite 5.4. The toggle can be found at the top of the package list in the admin panel and is only visible when the maintenance mode is enabled. Please keep in mind that WoltLab Suite 5.4 is still a development version at the time of writing and not suited for production environments. Please verify that you have a working backup before you attempt an upgrade. An upgrade to WoltLab Suite 5.4 at this time is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    WoltLab Suite 5.4 is currently an evaluation version limited to August 1st 2021. A valid license for WoltLab Suite 5.4 is required past this date, please see WoltLab Suite 5.4 RC 1 Download for more information.

    How to Apply Updates

    Open your Administration Control Panel and navigate to Configuration > Packages > List Packages. Please click on the button Search for Updates located in the right corner above the package list.

    Notable Changes

    The list below includes only significant changes, minor fixes or typos are generally left out.

    WoltLab Suite Calendar

    • Custom menu links to the list of events of a user did not require the user id to be provided. 5.3

    WoltLab Suite Filebase

    • Switching between the multilingual and monolingual mode caused some discrepancies when editing files. 5.3
    • The preview button for versions unintentionally submitted the form. 5.3

    WoltLab Suite Forum

    • There was a large gap between a poll and the thread form values in a rendered post. 5.3
    • The label condition for thread lists was not always available where it should have been. 5.3

    WoltLab Suite Core

    • Added the experimental upgrade support to the upcoming WoltLab Suite 5.4. 5.3
    • Template-type CMS pages have not been properly imported and required them to be manually saved once. 5.3

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