Make forms? and questions about shops in the forum

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    WoltLab Suite 5.2

    Hi, I was wondering if u need a plugin in order to make different forms (Like a form to be staff asking ur age, experience etc.) or it comes by stock. If u need a plugin may u send me the cheaper one u can find of this (or sen dmee all alternatives).

    Also, I want to sell digital products. Is this feature already included or I also need a plugin.

    PD: I have got all apps as I use the cloud version.

    Thanks for your help. :thumbup:

  • I don't know the product, but you might want to ask TitusKirch whether the following package works for your case:

    Otherwise you could ping Fabi_995 too.

    For selling digital products you could have a look at the Shop-system mantained by VieCode

    You can order a free demo before buying:

  • Hello,

    first, apologies for my poor English. With the extension "Forms", linked from gn5VmUKCtv6ekrMf , it is possible to create individual forms according to your wishes. What you have described ("Like a form to be staff asking ur age, experience etc.") is thus quickly implemented.

    If you should have more detailed questions, just write me a short note on my pinboard and I start a conversation with you.

  • is there anything cheaper for the commerce at least?

    I thought Black Rider would have one too, but this product doesn't seem to be available over here - so you can't use it.

    You could try using the commercial-files feature within the WoltLab Suite Filebase, but it's a filebase and not a shop-system. There's a reason why nearly every third-party dev is using the other shop. :)

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