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  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    Hi all :)

    Just a question: I would like to set forums and categories visibility to "personalized".

    Users can read and display only own threads.

    Can anyone write to me users settings I have to enable for registered users group?

    Is it possibile?

  • Hi Alexander, thanks for your support but I have a little problem that does not allow me to update Wbb.

    I have this software versions:

    WoltLab Suite Core: 3.0.24
    Filebase: 3.0.22 (I have no access to new update - i bought this years ago)
    WoltLab Suite Forum (Burning Board): 5.0.24
    WoltLab Suite Core: Legal Notice - 3.0.0
    WoltLab Suite Core: Conversations - 3.0.25
    WoltLab Suite Core: Infractions - 3.0.21
    WoltLab Suite Core: Moderated User Groups - 3.0.17

    If I click into "Update system" I receive this: there are no update available. Your system is up to date.

    If I download last Wbb update package I cannot update due to an error: you cannot update from 5.0.24 to last Wbb

    I think due to filebase old version (license limited to version 3)... is it possibile? If I want to update Wbb I have to buy filebase update license before update wbb?

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