Managed Hosting Launched – WoltLab Cloud

  • The WoltLab Cloud – Available Now!

    The “WoltLab Cloud”, our comprehensive and highly optimized managed hosting solution for the WoltLab Suite, is available now. With WoltLab Cloud, we take care of all technical aspects of the operation, including but not limited to regular maintenance tasks and updates of the software, as well as taking care of daily backups of your site. All WoltLab Suite Apps are already included, the preconfigured Elasticsearch integration offers an enterprise grade search experience for your users.

    ➡️ Details & Pricing of the WoltLab Cloud

    The Strengths of the WoltLab Cloud

    We’ve put great emphasis on building a robust and reliable platform that is capable of a stable operation of your site. Optimizing the software and hardware components allow us to deliver an outstanding site experience, with fast response times even on high load.

    An overview of the most important perks of the WoltLab Cloud:

    • All WoltLab Suite Apps are included.
      • Powered by Elasticsearch for fast and precise search results.
    • Full technical support of the installation.
      • Providing a turnkey installation and applying regular software updates.
      • Daily backups of your site are fully encrypted and stored on a different server.
      • Robust DDoS protection on the network layer provided by our partner Voxility.
    • Install plugins and styles from the official WoltLab Plugin-Store.
    • Optimized and powerful server infrastructure.
      • 100% of your data is stored on enterprise grade SSDs.
      • Custom built servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise utilizing 2nd generation scalable Intel Xeon Gold processors.
      • Audited tier 3+ data center located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).
    • Full SSL/TLS encryption with certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.
    • Bring your own domain without additional costs.
    • The technical operation is fully compliant with the GDPR of the European Union.
      • All data is stored within Germany at all times.
      • Data is transferred over SSL/TLS encrypted connections only.
      • Data Processing Agreement (DPA).
      • Technical and organizational measures in compliance with article 32 of the EU GDPR.

    Please refer to the preview Managed Hosting – Introducing the WoltLab Cloud for more information on the WoltLab Cloud.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO

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