What is your preferred Control Panel

  • I am debating switching two of my servers to another option besides CPanel due to their exorbitant price hike.

    Anyone use any other options and enjoy them?

    CPanel now tiers their plans based on users and I have dozens of users.

    I wont consider Plesk as it is owned by the same company that owns CPanel.

  • Huh, cPanel and Plesk are not distributed by the same company ?!?

    I use Plesk or no CP :)

    Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart, Kind Regards from Stuttgart

  • Yes it is, Plesk is owned by Oakley Capital as is CPanel and SolusVM

    They are subsidiaries but are both owned by the same company.

  • I use a host which uses DirectAdmin Panel and it is good first had difficulties understanding the panel then it is seems easy to use.

  • i only use open source panels. or made my own configs without any panel. So i'd love docker so there is a load of easy php/nginx containers with letsencrypt ... etc.

  • kbarg As it was medium left difficult. When we see the panel we can understand many of the options but when you click and go inside it is little new and takes time to adjust.

    The file manager is not so good, cPanel file manager was cool. Database management can be improved.

  • DirectAdmin has many of the same features as cpanel but with a little different terminology. It really hasn't been a big issue switching. I was using cpanel for almost 20yrs and DA is all you'll need but you'll have to work in it to get comfortable. I know that they're working fast to make it more user friendly (for good or bad).

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