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    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to add links to the Control Panel. I would like to add a link to our tickets forum page from the control panel. There is way too many links in our normal menu already, and it should be in Control Panel anyway IMO.

  • There isn't a easy way to add a new entry to it.

    You could modify the template 'userMenuSidebar' or create a little plugin.

    And add a new menu item with it with a custom controller makes the redirect or just a template and use the event 'userMenuItemsBefore' or 'userMenuItemsAfter'.

    I would recommend to just add it to the normal menu. You you can clean it up with the dropdowns.

    Something like this:

  • Right, like I said, I have literally no room for more drop downs. They already fill all the open space lol.

    Unless you meant put the item in drop downs, the link is for a "Tickets" page, it does not belong in any of my drop downs, it belongs in the User Panel.

    Ill check out the plugins option. Editing that Template doesn't work, already tried that.

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  • For my theme it was the userMenuSidebar template.. For the default theme it is pageHeaderUser.

    I just attached an example plugin for you. You only need to adjust the template and if you want the package.xml (name and such) and install it (you need to create the archive).

    You ROCK :) Thank you.

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