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    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    I can set 'Can Manage Pages' via User Groups > Group > Administrator Permissions > Content, but this appears to give that group the ability to manage all pages.

    Is it possible to limit this ability to a specific page or set of pages?

    Our site is for our gaming group and we regularly run various campaign games. I'd like to be able to allow the user that is organising a campaign to be able to control the campaign page for that game.

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    There is no such restriction per page and it would also not be recommended for security reasons, because the "template" type allows to execute some PHP code through the scripting language.

    I would suggest that you take a look at the article system, it has a built-in contributor feature where users can be given the right to submit new articles for review, without being able to edit any other articles.

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    There are two distinct situations that are handled slightly different:

    1. If the article has not been published yet, the submitting user can edit the article at any time.
    2. If the article has been published, then the permission "Can manage own articles" is checked instead.

    This means that user may contribute and edit their articles while they're not published, but are no longer be able once the article goes live. This is meant to prevent abuses in terms of rogue editors once the article has been approved.

    The other permission "Can manage own articles" allows users to submit, edit and publish own articles at their own discretion. There is no distinction between editing and publishing, because a rogue user might do harmful things either way.

  • Point 2 seems to be what I'm looking for. We are all equal members of the club and, while I'm taking responsibility for managing the site generally, other members shouldn't need to go through me to publish the latest state of the campaign they are running etc.

    I've seen a control for 'Can Manage Articles' but not, 'Can manage own articles'

    Is this the same thing or is it in another location?

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    I'm sorry, this has not been implemented in this version. I'm currently working on the next version (5.2) and looked through the source code to figure out how far this permission goes, without realizing that I wasn't looking at the code for the stable version.

    What I said above does not apply in WSC 3.1, articles cannot be edited by contributors in this version. The next version WSC 5.2 does support the new permission.

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