A decent shoubox

  • The only available shoutbox for WSC3.1 is extremely basic but somehow it is one of the best sellers in the Plugin-Store. With the modern shout box you get an archive and smiles, with the shoutbox available for XenForo you get:

    Main Features

    • Rooms
    • Dedicated guest room with nickname support
    • Archive with search criteria
    • Top chatters page
    • Private conversations
    • Sound, desktop & browser tab notification
    • Global user commands (21 commands that you can manage and you can also add you own custom commands)
    • Custom user commands (Can be used to set predefined messages/responses via command)
    • User settings
    • User status
    • User group permissions
    • User sanctions (Mute/Kick/Ban)
    • User image uploads
    • Style properties
    • Lots of admin options to enable/disable certain features
    • Bot notifications for new threads, new posts, new users, new Resource Manager resources, new Media Gallery albums/media/comments
    • Bot responses that can be trigger by predefined keywords
    • Bot messages that are posted automatically at set time/date
    • Display notices in rotation (can be edited via the built in rich text editor)
    • Display ads in rotation
    • Set chat rules page
    • Rooms widget
    • Top chatters widget
    • Active users widget

    Chat is loaded as a widget and you can customize the widget to load the chat at certain times on certain devices.

    Chat uses the built in XenForo rich-text editor and you can disable individual buttons/BB codes.

    Room options

    • Name
    • Description
    • Password (optional with user permission)
    • User groups - Allows you to enable room access based on user group (admin option)
    • Read only - Allows you to make room read-only (admin option)
    • Locked - Allows you to lock the room until a certain date (admin option)
    • Auto-prune messages every x hours (admin option)
    • Thread ID - If you set a thread ID, messages posted in the room will also be posted in the thread (admin option) In ACP there is an option that allows you to set the minimum length required for a message in order to be posted in a thread.

    Room message features

    • Like/Unlike
    • Quote
    • Link
    • Report
    • Edit
    • Delete

    Conversation message features

    • Like/Unlike
    • Quote
    • Report
    • Edit
    • Delete

    When scrolling to the end of the messages in both rooms and conversations, a button will show up to load more messages.

    You can also use the /find command followed by a keyword to search for messages.

    It seems like a similar shoutbox for WoltLab would do very well.

  • A shoutbox is simply for quick messaging. What you arelooking for is a whole messaging system.

    There is a chat system under development by TimWolla with some of these features

  • I don't think he's necessarily after all those features. I know which shoutbox he's talking about, the one that is sold for XenForo. I wouldn't expect to see one released here with all those feature options included either, and some of the features is just bloat really

    But it would be nice to see a shoutbox that can at least offer editing shouts and offer browser tab alerts (maybe even sound alerts with it) for new messages when in another browser tab.

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  • There is a chat system under development by TimWolla with some of these features

    Is there a discussion about this anywhere? I'm curious to know about how far off in the future it is.

    I don't think he's necessarily after all those features.

    I would like to see most of them and at least have them as options. Notices for mentions would be really nice to have.

  • Is there a discussion about this anywhere? I'm curious to know about how far off in the future it is.

    There's a thread on Tims website, if you're interested https://tims.bastelstu.be/
    Nevertheless, some of the features you posted are quite interesting. It's sad, that Sonnenspeer stopped his development on the Revo Shoutbox, because that Shoubox got some interesting features, e.g. ban and mute people due to moderative rights and also whispering to someone. The modern shoutbox to simple, but there's no alternative currently.

  • Is there a discussion about this anywhere? I'm curious to know about how far off in the future it is.

    I visited Tim's site today and read the latest posts. Somebody asked how far away it was for latest version of WBB and he said he's too busy tied up doing other things.

    It's sad, that Sonnenspeer stopped his development on the Revo Shoutbox

    It looked more promising that the other chat, I bought it also ( or was it free, not sure now). But development just seemed to stop on it. Now that shoutbox is not compatible with latest WBB version

  • Yes, I reported a very serious BUG last night with that Modern Shoutbox (a really serious bug). if you use [code]text[/code] in the shoutbox it will bring your whole site down with an error. You cannot use the bbcode "CODE" in that shoutbox, which is always enabled for using and cannot be disabled for use unless you completely disable the use of ALL BBCODES in it.

    That shoutbox is useless now with that bug. As people are going to post "CODE" at times, and doing so in the shoutbox will bring your site down. Really, it should be removed from the Mod downloads until he fixes that. Because it can bring a persons site down with error and you need to delete the shout that has CODE used in it to get the site back up again.

    If WBB staff are so called vetting mods uploaded, then that shoutbox now needs be fixed ASAP with that problem that brings your site down with an error if CODE is used in shouts, or remove it from download.

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  • Have you tried to refresh the page after you posted it in the shoutbox.

    It will post the code box in the shoutbox showing up, but when I refresh the page afterwards it takes my site down having this error log

    Requested URL
    WoltLab Suite
    Error Message
    Trying to get property 'content' of non-object
    File (Line)
    /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/system/WCF.class.php (346)
    1. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/templates/compiled/0_wcf_1_cms.php (1861): wcf\system\WCF::handleError(…)
    2. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/system/template/TemplateEngine.class.php (321): include(…)
    3. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php (323): wcf\system\template\TemplateEngine->display(…)
    4. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php (114): wcf\page\AbstractPage->show(…)
    5. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/system/request/Request.class.php (83): wcf\page\AbstractPage->__run(…)
    6. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/lib/system/request/RequestHandler.class.php (96): wcf\system\request\Request->execute(…)
    7. /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/index.php (9): wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle(…)

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  • I do have the shoutbox displayed on more than just 1 page. I have it displayed on a a "custom page" added using no sidebar so the shoutbox can be used full-width, plus it's displayed also on Articles, Dashboard, Members and Filebase main landing pages.

    I just removed the shoutbox from all the other pages so it's only displayed on Dashboard and tested again, still the same error. So it has nothing to do with showing it on more than 1 page at same time

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  • Yes, I had the shoutbox displayed "before content" position on the Dashboard (and other pages). By default it uses "after content" position when first installed - but I changed that to before content. So as you say then, it must have something to do with certain positions used.

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  • If i use the first three boxpositions, i got the same error, with the last three boxpositions, everthing is fine. So i can confirm this error.

    This can "sort" of be fixed for now by removing some Shoutbox supported placements listed in the file called: files/lib/system/box/ShoutboxBoxController.class.php

    And change this line to this, so now only the shoutbox positions that don't cause the error with CODE used are offered for using. The problem seems to happen with all the postions that are ABOVE. Like "top, contentTop"

         * @var array
        protected static $supportedPositions = ['contentBottom', 'sidebarLeft', 'sidebarRight', 'bottom'];

    Edited 2 times, last by NicoleSophie (May 25, 2018 at 12:22 PM).

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