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    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    Hey guys,

    For about 15 seconds today something happened on my website. Out of the blue this occurred:

    It resolved itself immediately after about 15 seconds. For about 15 seconds, every page on the website was an error page.

    Anyone able to determine what this is related to? Attached is the Error Log as well: 2018-10-04.txt

  • Hi

    the unix domain socket that is used to connect to the MySQL server did not exist. Possibly because the MySQL server was being restarted at that point in time.

    Hey tim! Thanks for the response! That makes sense. Question. During this time, I was modifying some CSS in the style sheets. Does hitting submit on that reset anything on the website?

    It happened almost immediately after i updated some color via css.

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    Does hitting submit on that reset anything on the website?

    it resets some internal caches, but this must not cause this error message to appear.

    Anything that leads to the unix domain socket being unavailable (apart from intentional restarts of the MySQL server) is a gross misconfiguration of the server. You might want to check the MySQL server logs / check with your server administrator.

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