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    Hello Everyone,

    Have a glitch inserting images after initial upload on my Android device. Made a video up to show this.

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  • Appreciate you taking the time to record this. I’d like to test it on IOS. What page where you accessing? Just the Gallery?

  • assuming this is a forum thread and you are adding an image to the thread I have just tested this on IOS and everything is working fine.

  • Hello,

    This was actually through the account control section. Adding a image to the dashboard. But it also happens when I add a image to the threads as well. I did tried with another Android browser and get the same thing.

    It's okay after I do a refresh of the browsers. This is the first time I have use this method on my Android. Wanted to check it out. I don't know, it may be just my Android device.

  • Thanks for bringing this up, I just use another Android device and get the same thing. I even tried putting the android browser in desktop view, but same thing. Have to do a refresh in order to insert the image after the first upload.

  • I just tested on a Galaxy S5 - Same result as you.

    I tested on iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 and it works as expected. Seems to only be an android issue.

  • Hey,

    You know what, this is actually broken on iOS as well.

    I was initially just inserting images that are already on the server.

    After uploading an image from ios, I have to refresh the page and then it's available.

    Definitely a mobile issue on both ios and android.

  • Oh, I wanted to add a tip until this is cleared up lol

    I would upload the image first, then do the refresh before putting in the text information in like you do with the thread title and the boxes information. If you do it the other way Iike I did, then all of that text information is erase, and you have to put that text information back in lol

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