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    WoltLab Suite Core

    Blog is an importable thing on the importer, but Xenforo doesn't have an official Blog add-on. So when I had the boxes checked I thought It would process through it, but it has been hung up on "Blog Categories" for about 3 hours.

    I also noticed there is no option for "Gallery" importing, I kind of was hoping that "Blog" was a typo and it was the "Gallery" so I left it checked.

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    unfortunately the gallery importer did not get finished before the release, because of the confusion with the file system layout you know about.

    If I remember correctly the blog importer is for the “Better Blogs” add-on. I was added, because some customer said it was the state of the art blog extension for XenForo. I notice that the thread says “Deleted”: https://xenforo.com/community/…tter-blogs-deleted.36836/. I assume it is no longer supported with XenForo 2? I'll just remove the importer then.

  • Oh its not a big deal then. Lol. I thought you might have used an outline set of steps from another importer and forgot to change the name of the add-on from Blog to Gallery, they both have comments, replies, attachments, categories. etc...

    I will clear the test upgrade and imported copies of XF/WBB and wait on your next release.

    No rush. :P

  • Rather than opening new thread I am just wondering Any articles moving from xenforo2 to woltlab 3.1 thanks

  • What articlesystem are you using? The most xF-Tools i know create and use nodes, so they will be imported to forums.

    A lot of people also use XRM to create articles (i also do it that way)

    Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart, Kind Regards from Stuttgart

  • Do you use xRM for articles or forumnodes (...or a 3rdPartyAddon). You should find that in your xF-ACP.

    Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart, Kind Regards from Stuttgart

  • I'm sorry for misunderstanding. I have xenforo2 forum. I was just looking for tutorials how to migrate to woltlab 3.1.

  • Data source meaning the Xenforo setup, it would be good if you share the setup of both forums. Where have you installed XF and Woltlab and how do you do the import.

  • I have followed instructions here Migrating to WoltLab Suite 3

    I have moved xenforo2 to say xenforo subfolder that I created in root directory.

    Then I have installed woltlab 3.1 to root direction. I think ive done all correctly. Just need to migrate xenforo2 to woltlab. Please let me know if you need more information thanks

  • Ok great then, now type the database details of Xenforo in data import field and type the path of the xenforo forum

    /public_html/xenforo/ (to get all the attachments and avatars)

  • levi45 The path looks like this in cPanel - “/home/youraccname/public_html/xenforo/”

  • The absolute path to the directory where your old XenForo installation lies. When in doubt, ask your hosting company what the correct path is, e.g. if your FTP program doesn't tell you.

    thank you transfer is started , is it normal that on user importing screen circles going round and percentage stay 0% so far ?

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