How to add a tagline in the header?

  • Some sources disagree. Just the first result from a google search

    1. Your main tagline #2 in your header (or below your header on your homepage, as in my example) is treated by search engines as a key element.

    In some cases it includes a link to your homepage, or it might have an html h tag (e.g. h1..h3). In both cases, this will make this headline way more important for search engines that usual text.

    By the way, this tagline is what most of your readers will actually see and read on your site first. So you really want to put here something that is appealing, catches people’s attention, and clarifies in an instant where the visitor has just landed.

    It's just the way I've always done it and I get good rankings. Of course I can't isolate the tagline as being directly responsible. But it certainly doesn't hurt. So how do I insert a tagline in the header please?

  • Well that advice seems to be so valid, that even the site publishing the advice does not follow it's own advice. I've checked there is no tag line on the site propagating the tagline.

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