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    Hi, I think new generations of internet are alien to forum software. Forums are too complicated for them. Many people register to my forum, but.. They do nothing, I suspect they don't familiar with technical things of forum, ie: uploading avatar, creating thread, replying post, adding signature etc.

    I found it's very interesting if WSC has some kind of guidance to new users as a message box. For example, newly registered members will be guided to:

    1. uploading the avatar

    2. creating new thread

    3. replying thread

    4. while they are in editor (number 2 and 3), there will be message box, showing them how to upload an image, creating poll, adding smilies etc..

    And I think this message boxes can be part of User Milestone system.

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  • I was going to create a similar thread because my previous forum software, vb5, had all pre-filled in messages built into the core and it was easy to go and change the text to what I wanted.

    I guess these messages would go in the "Pages" area of the core, but it needs to be substantially upgraded with pages already written so that admins can simply amend them to their own requirements.

    My initial list of pre-filled messages/pages would be as follows:

    1. Registration - there is a registration box, but how can this be changed to put my own text in it and have the box enlarged and centred on a page?

    2. Confirm account - If you have email activation required for new registrations, there needs to be a page which shows to users that they need to activate their account by checking their email and more to the point, it should be built into the core, so that I can change the text to what I want.

    3. Account confirmed: Welcome New Members - this is what zukro is asking for. Once the account is confirmed, new members need to be greeted with a message and more to the point, it needs to be the message that I want, fully custmisable so that I can put links in there, html, images etc. (the same with all these messages/pages)

    4. Contact Us page - there needs to be a default contact us page built into the core. There is a "Page" already, but it's static text. How do I change that so that guests/members can select different options they wish to contact me about?

    5. Avatar message - I'd like a message box that displays to new members to remind them that they should upload a avatar if they haven't do do after 10 days after their registration. Again, this should be there already built into the core.

    6. Posting reminder - For existent members who have not posted in several weeks, I'd like a message to be displayed to them to give them a gentle reminder to try and post and be a full part of the community.

    7. Banned/Suspended member notices - I would like customised messages to be shown to banned or suspended members. This should all be built into the core thus allowing admins to change the text as required.

    8. Rules, Privacy Policy etc - these are already in the Pages system, but how do I change the Disclaimer page, as an example, to put what text I want into it? This all needs to be much easier and clearer to use.

    I am sure there are many other things that I can't think of at the moment, but in my previous software they was all built into the core of the software, I simply went in to those pages and changed them as required and I could put them on any page, show to different members under different circumstances and they were fully customisable. If I wanted to move the messages about, all I have to do was click on "Edit Page" click on the boxes/messages and drag them exactly where I wanted them.

    I've no doubt all the functionality is there in WSC, but how do we use it, especially without a manual to guide us?

    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

  • Marcel Werk March 2, 2020 at 4:47 PM

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